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13 Feb 2004
All of the sudden (XP/sp1a) I get "cannot delete xxxxxx, it is being used by another person or program". I've seen some of the work arounds, but this is happening all the time - like 50% of the time I touch a folder I can't delete it. Is there some way of figuring out what the real cause is?

It's annoying me so much I'm about to restore a Ghost image, but I'm not looking forward to it because I'd be looking at maybe 3 hours of work to get my system back to where it is. I'd have to go back to an early image because I don't know what app did it, and the only thing that makes sense is some app I installed is screwing things up.

I have both a DVD drive and CDRW drive. Under Nero I get a strange 3rd recording device listing for "Image Recorder". I don't know if that's normal or not. "HighMAT CD Writing Wizard" I think came from a Windows Update. Is there any chance of this doing it? (don't even know what it is).

Well, if anyone see's something in what I have installed.....I disabled most everything from start up abilities in MSCONFIG.

Here's a list of all servies that are STARTED (having the problem right now):
Ati HotKey Poller
COM+ Event System
Computer Browser
Cryptographic Services
DHCP Client
Distributed Link Tracking Client
DNS Client
Help and Support
IPSEC Services
Logical Disk Manager
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Plug and Play
Portable Media Serial Number
Print Spooler
Protected Storage
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Remote Registry
Secondary Logon
Security Accounts Manager
Shell Hardware Detection
System Event Notification
Terminal Services
Upload Manager
Windows Audio
Wireless Zero Configuration

Here's what's installed in my system drives Program Files dir.
"Shiny" is my fake named dir to hide my Virus app and TDS-3/Wormguard

Directory of C:\PROGRA~1

02/15/2004 09:18 PM <DIR> .
02/15/2004 09:18 PM <DIR> ..
02/07/2004 02:38 PM <DIR> 321STU~1 321Studios
02/07/2004 02:32 PM <DIR> Adobe
02/07/2004 02:28 PM <DIR> Ahead
02/07/2004 04:09 PM <DIR> ATITEC~1 ATI Technologies
02/09/2004 01:39 AM <DIR> ATITool
02/07/2004 02:59 PM <DIR> COMMON~1 Common Files
02/05/2004 07:14 AM <DIR> COMPLU~1 ComPlus Applications
02/07/2004 02:59 PM <DIR> Creative
02/07/2004 02:42 PM <DIR> DVDSHR~1 DVD Shrink
02/07/2004 02:33 PM <DIR> EXECUT~1 Executive Software
02/11/2004 12:09 PM <DIR> Fraps
02/07/2004 09:13 PM <DIR> GAMESP~1 GameSpy Arcade
02/07/2004 01:28 PM <DIR> HIGHMA~1 HighMAT CD Writing Wizard
02/07/2004 02:45 PM <DIR> ILLUST~1 Illustrate
02/10/2004 08:05 AM <DIR> INTERN~1 Internet Explorer
02/07/2004 02:59 PM <DIR> INTERV~1 InterVideo
02/07/2004 02:44 PM <DIR> JASCSO~1 Jasc Software Inc
02/07/2004 02:53 PM <DIR> Kodak
02/07/2004 02:41 PM <DIR> MESSEN~1 Messenger
02/07/2004 01:56 PM <DIR> MICROS~3 Microsoft ActiveSync
02/05/2004 07:17 AM <DIR> MICROS~1 microsoft frontpage
02/07/2004 01:56 PM <DIR> MICROS~2 Microsoft Office
02/07/2004 02:05 PM <DIR> MICROS~4 Microsoft Visual Studio
02/10/2004 08:12 AM <DIR> MOTHER~1 Motherboard Monitor 5
02/07/2004 12:41 PM <DIR> MOVIEM~1 Movie Maker
02/05/2004 07:14 AM <DIR> MSNGAM~1 MSN Gaming Zone
02/07/2004 12:41 PM <DIR> NETMEE~1 NetMeeting
02/05/2004 07:15 AM <DIR> ONLINE~1 Online Services
02/07/2004 12:58 PM <DIR> OUTLOO~1 Outlook Express
02/07/2004 02:43 PM <DIR> PopUpCop
02/13/2004 10:17 AM <DIR> Prime95
02/07/2004 02:48 PM <DIR> QUICKT~1 QuickTime
02/12/2004 08:18 AM <DIR> shiny
02/10/2004 04:46 PM <DIR> SISOFT~1 SiSoftware
02/12/2004 08:09 AM <DIR> SLIDES~1 SlideStudio
02/09/2004 02:44 PM <DIR> STARDO~1 Star Downloader
02/15/2004 09:18 PM 0 temp.txt
02/07/2004 02:01 PM <DIR> WEBPUB~1 Web Publish
02/10/2004 07:43 AM <DIR> WINBON~1 Winbond Electronics Corp
02/07/2004 01:00 PM <DIR> WINDOW~3 Windows Media Player
02/05/2004 07:14 AM <DIR> WINDOW~1 Windows NT
02/07/2004 02:31 PM <DIR> WinRAR
02/14/2004 11:06 AM <DIR> WS_FTP~1 WS_FTP Pro
02/05/2004 07:17 AM <DIR> xerox
02/15/2004 04:59 PM <DIR> XP-TWE~1 XP-Tweaks
1 File(s) 0 bytes
46 Dir(s) 27,228,340,224 bytes free

Thanks for any help

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