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Another AMD 64 Price cut?


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939 939 939

I was just saying that people who already have a 754 can upgrade to a higher one but there is no reason to buy 754 if you are building a whole new system
939 is the socket to use. Its the newer socket and no new amd64 chips are being made for 940/754.

I am told by other osnn peeps that amd is expanding the 939 range down to 2800+ and hat 3200+ and 3400+ are now available in limited supply.

so your best bet is to go 939 though you may need to wait for more affordable chips to get to your favourite retailer/oem distributer.


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as of right now there are some socket 939 3000+ and 3200+s floating around very hard to find though
Also there is no indication of a 3400+ for socket 939 but the socket 939 3500+ will only be 288 dollars after the price cut at the middle of the month...
Don't get a low end 754. They don't have the memory bandwidth.

The 3500 939 is coming down to $288 and will continue to come down. Wait a few more months. By next spring the 754's (except Sempron) will be gone and the 3500 should be about $200.


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the memory bandwidth is true except the benefit of a dual channel mem controller of the 939 compared to single channel of the 754 is only about 2-9% depending on the program and the competing chips...but the 939 is the socket of the future and unless you already have the 754 and want to upgrade but the 939...preformance difference is almost unnoticeable but the benefit of upgrading for a much much longer time is the benefit
Ok, just to give some information.
Yes, price cuts are definitely on the way. Why? Because AMD is releasing all new 939 chips. 3000, 3200, 3400, and soon the 4000. The main factor is what was stated above. The 3200 939 chips are going to be one hell of a chip with it's high overclockability as well as power.

The best AMD Socket IS the 939. All AMD chips will be made as 939 from now on. They have discontinued the 754 line as well as the 940 line.

The 3400 754 chip is pretty nice though. As seen in that review, only because it has brute force, and 1mb cache.

Remember CG revisions have been seen as being the best overclocking chips. There's a list on both the OSNN forums and the HardForums at HardOCP that I have posted to help people determine their processors make.

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