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I was actually going to say except Chuck Palahniuk's writers cult. But I think that might be a little to obscure.

In all seriousness though, theres no such thing as a good religious cult.
The 4chan/7chan/420chan/somethingawful sites are like a giant laser beam on a swivel that swings in random directions, and the targets are usually small.

An all out war by the *chans isn't sustainable (although it is invincible while the battle rages); the laser gets bored and moves on within a few days, or weeks if it's major.

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I mean to be fair its good they ave a helping attitude, but obviously there are certain properties to their religion that make it a little odd to me, but then most religion seems to be if you really think about it.


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Helping people die. They use confusion, a feeling of belonging if you are "in", and a feeling of superiority to make the weak minded who are "out" feel inferior.

There is a three segment show a reporter from London did about the CoS and the outcasts, and those who teach in other countries after being expelled. Using the same methods.

Ther is another one that was done in Germany (it is illegal there) where past members were beaten, and their lives damaged, and they have threats if they leave the country they will be killed. The reporter who covered the story was followed for weeks after by CoS "agents" as he called them. Alot of hie personal life was messed with, "anonymous" things faxed to his employer and family.


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Get em while you can? Have you heard of the saying:

"You can't take pee out of an ocean"

That is exactly what is going to happen to those documents. There is no way to erase something when it is on the internet. It will be archived, stored and viewable for years to come. Also, wikileaks is pretty well known to not stand down concerning documents they have, and take down requests.

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