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Annoying problem


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
the screenshot shows it :s , basically when i reply to a thread and then got back to usercp it shows it as unread untill i go back to the thread, even though it shows my post as being the last one :confused: as yes i did clear cache ;) :p



I'm sorry Hal...
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Oh, I see. I saw the thread title and the creator name and for a moment I thought he'd finally turned himself in :D

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I added the active topics link :p

BUT, I am going to move that into quick links at some stage.
Had 4 hours sleep last night, but the coffee is doing its job for now, will see how I feel when I get home :)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Yeah, the placement is what I thought you might mean.
Don't have the function :p

But yes, underneath "New Posts" will do, even if it means removing the current conditional template that exists there, but once again, this is an at home job as I don't want to be distracted halfway thru doing it :)
One more thing I am missing, A "top" button at the bottom of the page(under the last post on the page or whatever). I know, I am spoiled. Too lazy too scroll or hit the "home" button on my keyboard. :p

<a href='javascript:scroll(0,0);'><img src='some_kinda_up_buton.gif'></a>

Electronic Punk

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Ok, that looks like the kinda thing I can put just to the left of the post no. (top right of post)

will do that tonight also, you buggers are gonna keep me busy tonight :D

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