annoying internet explorer sounds



I've wanted to get rid of that stupid clicking noise IE makes ever since I noticed it (ME I think....)

I'm disappointed that its still in XP, does anyone know how to disable it? In typical microsoft fashion, anything annoying that they realize most people won't want is rather difficult to get rid of (windows messenger).

Help please
Go to control panel>sound and audio devices>sounds>scroll down until you get to windows explorer and the one that says [start navigation] is the culprit. While your there you can also get rid or change anymore annoying sounds you dont like:)
you can also go into your control panel and use the no sounds scheme which comes with xp... which will disable all sounds
THANK YOU. For some reason that sound is always louder than everything else, so if I've been playing half life or something and then go to IE, clicking on a hyperlink is quite a startle.

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