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Annoying Internet Explorer sound.

I have XP SP2. IE is upgraded to the latest version. I have all the windows sound scheme set at "no sounds". So here is the problem..

My work has a ticketing system for help deks cases. It auto refreshes after a few mins. Each time it refreshes it makes a CLICK sound. It is extremelly annoying. I have searched for *.WAV and listened to EVERY wav file and it is not there. I cannot give out the website for my ticketing system as it requirres a username and password however http://www.mininova.org/ is one website that also does this. I do not know if site is allowed to be posted here but it is only an example of what type of sound i am getting. Load the website and let it run in the background and after a few mins you will hear the CLICK when it refrehses. so how do i turn this off ???


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start.wav is the file that plays the click sound. You could try browsing for the file and deleting it to see if that resolves the problem.


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Make sure that in the Sound options, under the Windows Explorer section of the Program events window, you don't have "Complete Navigation" enabled with a sound.

Even with the no sounds schemes, it comes back after an update of IE... I've seen this before.



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turn of mic and use windows wav recorder to record a blip of nothing. then replace the start.wav file with it.


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Damn you guys are complicating it all.... record a new sound and replace teh file? The problem is oviously somewhere else. I'm sure it's what I said it is... I've seen it happen already.

In any case, if that doesn't work, I'd look more for a registry value to change than a sound to re-record... come on. That's like using duck tape! Not very techy-like... lol

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All you would have had to do is go into sounds then under the heading Windows Explorer set Start Navigation to none.

But your way works as well. ;)

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