annoying game problem please help !!

i havent had the internet in 3 months and my computer crashed so i had to reformat it. before everything was fine but now im running into this problem...
ok i got the latest drivers for my nvidia fx 5200. i go to run counter-strike and all I get is 60 fps. hmm ok. before it did this and i downloaded a program to set it to 85. it worked. now i downloaded the SAME program did the same thing and it doesnt work. i downloaded multiple programs to get my fps higher than 60. nothing works. what can i do? please help.


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your refresh rate of your monitor will limit your FPS inconjuction with Vsync. If your refresh rate is 60 and Vsync is on, you will only get 60FPS. You can turn off vsynce on your video card properties or within each game.

for CS to get over 60 fps goto the console and enter fps_max 99 and it will raise your FPS to 99 if your card can output that much
with vsync turned off the game looks choppy. i never used to have to turn vsync off. and i know the commands for CS. i had it before that my fps_max was like 100 something and it never went pass 85fps. the programs made my refresh rate 85 instead of 60. but now they dont work. i guess i'll try downloading old drivers.
yep.. tried that program too. i got it working though.. all i did was download the old drivers i used to have. 72.12

i only play cs on this pc so that is fine.. ty for the help.

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