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Annoying background pictures in explorer...


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Recently I installed a program (XPlay2) that allows me to access my buddie's ipod which is formatted for Mac. Ever since I installed this, some folders, when viewed in explorer, have annoying background images. One is a quicktime window that says DVD, another is a CD with a musical note on it and there are others...
How do I get rid of them? I wouldn't be so bad if they actually made sense but they don't. For example my drive E: is called Data, it's where I download stuff to, but when I view this drive in explorer it thinks it's music, but my music directory full of mp3s doens't get anything!

I have done everything I can think of to get rid of them, anyone else had this happen to them?
Try going into system properties (right click on my computer in start bar and click properties). go to Advanced > click settings in the performance section and scroll down the list until you find "use background image for each folder type" make sure this is unchecked and click ok, etc.

Just a thought to try and help you out :cool:

Right click on the offending file.

Select properies from the menu that opens.

Select the customize tab and you can select the pictue of your choice.


Sounds very much like Real Player, QuickTime, iPod and all the other garbage they bog ya down with because you wanted to watch the video of por ...er, the educational video.


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Its standard in Explorer, any folder with a majority of one media type will have a picture/icon in the corner representing that media. Its possible that that program has changed your settings and pictures

For me a folder with mp3s has a picture of a box with a CD and musical notes in it and a folder with mostly video clips has a picture of a box with a movie clapper in it.

Just follow what LeeJend said, go to customize on the folder properties

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