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Confirmed Annoying advertisements


sh! it stinks
I think the advertisements on the website of OSNN lately claiming I am the millionth visitor of the site are quite annoying. The next day I am the 999.999th visitor and when I return the following day I am still the 999.999th visitor... Maybe the counter is incorrect?

Specially the flashing is very annoying, to me anyway.

I know the site has to get funding, but are there no other companies that want to advertise on the site?
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I personally think keeping Adblock enabled on sites (especially forums) that you visit often is kinda crappy. Its the only way the bill gets paid each month, besides the people that are paid subscribers.


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yes.. I remember the ads disappeared when I was a news poster (Despite the fact that I had not yet become a subscriber).

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Adblock plus on Firefox works well also!
Part of the reason I don't feel inspired to fix them, although they seriously need looking at I'll try and do it tonight. Would love nothing more than cool adverts but if you are on a tech site and want tech ads (ie cool game ones, movies etc.) but all your tech users block them you are kinda stuffed.

I know one of the advertisers directly as he use to run techconnect, maybe i can work out a deal with him to show me cool adverts.

I hate flashy ads that tell you that you are the millionth visitor, I will never knowingly give popups to members (and even guests at the moment!) and I will do my best to strip out ads that play annoying sounds when you don't want them to.

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