"Announcement" causes side scrolling.


I may actually be insane.
31 Mar 2002
The "Site Announcement" at the top of the page causes side scrolling when using a small browser window (and I supposed it affects them strange folk in wierdly small resolutions too)

Not entirely sure what can be done to fix it, just thought I'd be annoying and mention it :p
Oops, forgot I made this, and yes, I'm using 1680x1050. But I don't like to have my browser maximised. What's the point in a multi process environment with windowing capabilities if you're just going to hog the screen with one window, may as well use dos :p
Seriously tho, I have a resolution that I will put into practice at the same time as when I get what I am gonna do to the frontpage done.
An example: side scrolling

(edit) beat me to it.
You can see though that it's only a part of the google ad and the announcement that scrolls of screen, the actual site itself actually adjusts to the window, so it's not actually a major problem, just an annoyance :)
/me blesses his Firefox Web Developer extension which allows him to auto size his browser window to 1024x768
Yeah, my plan is now to eliminate sidescrolling even for the peasants that use 800x600. That is for the forums and the frontpage.

If you actually look at the frontpage.
The only theme is currently called Orbitz 1024x768

This should give you a hint at what my plan is.
Might need that extention geffy. tho i might just change my res so I can "feel" what they feel.

Bless their cotton socks.
Done. I notice a line between the logo and the background of the adjacent table row tho... gonna try and fix that.

Currently browsing the forums at 800x600 ... lol
Sorted. The forums are now accessible to users at a resolution of 800x600 and above!!
Yay!!! All hail EP, Yay, no more side scrolling...!

And now for his next trick...
bunny out the hat! Bunny Out the Hat!!!! ahem.

Looks good, have we mentioned the (extra) line break between the horizontal line and the first news/forum title before?

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Aah, just tried it in other browsers, seems it's just a case of safari being an ****. :D
Yip :D
It's more KHTML (the Konqurer rendering engine) than Safari, either way, I'll slap a bug report at Apple, they've fixed numerous thing's I've sent before :)

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