Anna Kournikova


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16 Mar 2004
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I may actually be insane.
31 Mar 2002
Yup, just a sign in/up page. Copy/paste the stuff here.. should do the trick ;P


Boogie Nights...!
5 Jul 2002
That's weird.. i click my link it works...i copy/paste it doesnt! Oh well....

"Anna Kournikova's parents sue her over Miami Beach house

Associated Press

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Anna Kournikova is being sued by her parents, who say the tennis starlet has taken over the waterfront home the three jointly own.

Sergei and Alla Kournikova filed the suit last week in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. They want the seven-bedroom home "partitioned," meaning they want money for their share of the home. It was purchased for $5 million in 2000.

Kournikova, who has never won a tournament and is known mostly for her supermodel looks, has not played competitive tennis in more than a year because of injuries.

Her agent, David Schwab, said Thursday he was unaware of the suit and had no immediate comment."


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18 Mar 2002
never been a favourite of mine I can tell you, so I would agree with Marge on that one, another overrated one while I am at it is Jennifer Lopez *shudders*

Evil Marge

I Rule
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4 Jul 2002
Don't mention JLo to my hubby,he cringes :D He prefers me to anyone else :cool: :D


Anna Kournikova she aint my type I don't even think she is that fit looking either.

Carling Basset now that was one good looking Tennis Player, she was Canadian I think.

I prefer my women to be well done rather than rare.

I wonder if Anna ever thought of making some quick cash promoting acne creams.

Each to their own. :| :rolleyes:


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14 Jan 2004
I prefer my girlfriend over anna kournikova, jlo(who just looks disgusting), and many others, because she is wonderful(brought me dinner at work last night), she is beautiful (5'3" and curly blonde hair), and she is very intelligent. (getting her b.s. in biology and she just turned 20. I'm 22 and i'm still working on mine.(mine is a bit messed up of a story though). I somehow don't think that any of those models have as much personality as others.

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