Anew web site, with a different aspect =)



Hiya all.

I’m thinking of redesigning my web site at . The reason being is that I’m board with the “internet stuff” thing and I’m currently thinking a long the lines of creating a site that documents all the stuff I’m using as tools.

For example if I change a piece of hardware ill sort of make a section and document what I’ve been doing. This will be a good point for me as I would be able to look back on my projects in the future and remember how I did them and stuff.

I think it’s a good idea because it’s something I hopefully won’t get board of. The thing is though; I would like to give my site a whole different aspect as to what it is now. I currently have used Post Nuke, PHP-Nuke and normal HTML/Java etc for the site. I’m sure there’s other template systems out there that are versatile to give your site an extra special feel to it.

If you know of any interesting templates, either free or cheap (I’m always on a budget being a teenager) then please mention them here or your experiences with them. I’m not to keen on coding flat out because I only know some basic (and I mean basic) stuff about PHP/MySQL etc.

So from what I’m saying just give me some feedback on my ideas as I want to build a site that means something to me and also my friends who are interested in this kind of stuff.

Also can you mention any free flash packages and a really good graphics packages. I have Paint Shop Pro but that isn’t all that brilliant to Photoshop.


LOL. Explain.... Just nocked up a new under construction page. What do you think of the theme. Image was created in PSP.


Folding Team
I would say make the image bigger so that it doesnt look so much like an image you just threw in there, so that you arent clipping the flare stuff


Hiya all. Cheers geffy for your help on Gapman. It's the first ever time i've used it and invision power board is very cool to. Trouble is I need to think of a decent name to build the site. Do you have any suggestions.

A few that have just popped into my head ;)

Bucko's <StuFF>

It's quiet late a night. Just think of a good name.

Here is the development site.

Now I need to devlope logo ideas once i've devised a name


Did a bit of moding to the theme. Obviously I need to create a new logo but crap at that. Anyone? Still haven't decided on the name yet?

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