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android support

Perris Calderon

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we don't have an android support thread, whoever owns one, if you start one up and I'll give it a sticky

I'm thinking of switching but I couldn't do much with the phones in the sprint store so begin with the os build you're using

also, anyone try the free android dynometer?...it's free and being developed, I'd like to know what you think of it as it's being developed


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I'd have an android phone if a decent one was released on a decent network in the US for under the cost of an arm+leg. :)


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I get the feeling Android may die before it ever takes off. some app developers that were making apps for Android already stopped due to not being able to make any decent revenue on apps unless they weren't nicely priced, like the vast majority of those on the iPhone. Can kinda tell this by the fact that i believe the one new Motorola android phone is quite cheap now, and it wasn't released very long ago.


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I'm way late to this party as I've had a ton of things going on that has kept me from my first online home...(osnn of course)

But if you are looking for good Android Support, ppcgeeks.com, forum.xda-developers.com are my favorite places.

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