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And it is back!!! Infinite loop...



I am getting so tired of Windows XP.....
All my games have been running smooth and without any problems for a mighty long time now.
But the other week I bought "The Thing" - game..played it and it was running perfect...until suddenly the graphics got corrupted..and there it was...."blah blah..stuck in an infinte loop"..
Restarted the computer..started the game..played for ... like 30 minutes..and there it was!!! once again. bummer!! :mad:

And ... I use the 30.82 driver these days..as some game produced weird graphics with the new beta ones..

I have installed the latest Intel Chipset drivers and Intel Application Accelerator...

Just Being curious..I reinstalled my computer with Windows ME (got nothing better in life to do so...:p )..and use the 30.82..chipset driver...Intel Application Accelerator..and so on...
And the game now runs perfect!. Sat last night for 3 hours (yes, I really do not have anything better to do!!.. :D ) and it ran perfect..not a singel hickup at all!!!!

Is there any solution to the "Infinite loop" problem or will I have to stay with Windows ME to run my games KNOWING it will not suddenly crash?...kind of miss XP...:(

I have gone throught all the previous "loop"-solutions (veteran in the matter) and got rid of it when I change the placings of the SDRAM to other banks..and done all the suggested BIOS changes (according to Viaarena) and finally I left VIA behind me and went for Intel..which was the big cure...:)

But now I am haunted again....

The ONLY thing I have not done (so far) is tried the game with 40.72 Beta driver with Windows XP.

Now...is there anyone out there with a magical solution to it ... or will the Windows Xp community lose me to Windows ME??..:p
Please Save me!!!:eek:


the new beta bios is great though.. i never had a problem with it... sing it right now in fact.. hehehe



I know it is just A game..but if they all run smooth....why should not this one?..sort of pi**es me off...
and I happen to like it :D

I would love to try a patch..but what is out is for the US version..version 1.1 is included in the UK version.

There is a 1.2 patch ..but it mainly fixes some mouse issue..have it in..but did not notice any difference....

maybe there will be a fix out for it soon...

what I remember this loop thing is either a nvidia or MS issue...like an enternal "blame it on eachother" - matter....

So, I guess I will give 40.72 a shot....see if it solves the problema..
it is such a silly problem....
The Thing is cool. I was bored so I beat it all in one day; although the helicopter level was hard. I have XP Pro; with a patch for the thing; and it runs fine.



:D Get an AMD???

Noooo....don't think so....hehe..only that day I want more problems....with everything....:p


Nick M:

How similar is your system with mine?

The Patch: is that the official or something Special??...
My system is an:

AMD XP 1900 ( Overclocked )
Gigabyte Ga-7VRXP KT333
1024MB PC2700 DDR RAM
nVidia Geforce 4 4400
Sound blaster 5.1 live
IBM 120GXP 120GB
420 Watt PSU
CDRW- 32x/12/40
DVD 16x
XP Pro
Logitech Speakers
Samsung Syncmaster 170t ( flat, digital ) love it dearly



Just been to Computer Artworks "The Thing" - site...

There is a patch on the way for Europe (except Germany which is already out..)

This will hopefully solve the problem.....:D

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