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An [e]-Punk Drunken Stupor Moment


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Now you all know why you need to visit #osnn on irc.osnn.net

> ElectronicPunk (~electroni@1261711B.A1F7BA40.3DBB8876.IP) has joined #osnn
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to ElectronicPunk
<_XbAsEd_> hehe
<ElectronicPunk> jf
<_XbAsEd_> hi EP
<ElectronicPunk> rahter hamere
<ElectronicPunk> d
<ElectronicPunk> fijh
<Jewelzz> muahahaha
<Jewelzz> drunken stupor time
<ElectronicPunk> if
<ElectronicPunk> on
<ElectronicPunk> on
<ElectronicPunk> on
<ElectronicPunk> no
* _XbAsEd_ attacks ElectronicPunk w/ a bottle of vodka
<Jewelzz> xsivforce last night, ElectronicPunk tonight
<ElectronicPunk> brrn at tje h jd
* Jewelzz saves log
<ElectronicPunk> sleep
<_XbAsEd_> no sleep :p
<Jewelzz> stay!
<Jewelzz> enterenain us!
* ElectronicPunk rasives to tga garriblson - chari down
<ElectronicPunk> gnite
<ElectronicPunk> hehej
<ElectronicPunk> caur idwn/
<ElectronicPunk> chert odnw
<_XbAsEd_> lol
<Jewelzz> nite
<Jewelzz> cheer down
<ElectronicPunk> dhjreo down
<ElectronicPunk> :eek:ooo
<ElectronicPunk> cherr
<ElectronicPunk> chhher
<ElectronicPunk> chherreer
<ElectronicPunk> cheer
<ElectronicPunk> :p
<ElectronicPunk> not durkn
<ElectronicPunk> od diear
<ElectronicPunk> seeyaoust omrorow
<ElectronicPunk> work :eek:
<Jewelzz> ciao
<ElectronicPunk> 8;30
<Jewelzz> O:
<Jewelzz> i'm off \o/
<ElectronicPunk> LO 0 -,) Oi
<ElectronicPunk> <000
<ElectronicPunk> the more i say the wose this thsi gets
* Jewelzz posts log in the forum
<ElectronicPunk> noe
<Jewelzz> yes
<ElectronicPunk> me ths tug / heut sypus
<Jewelzz> we all do
<Jewelzz> mayb some carrot and flip flops will help
<ElectronicPunk> my tunte is all redf
<ElectronicPunk> vxldo
<ElectronicPunk> nite
<Jewelzz> exactly
<Jewelzz> nite nite
<ElectronicPunk> quat
<ElectronicPunk> uiyt/q/
<Jewelzz> QUIT
<ElectronicPunk> x &
<Jewelzz> lol
<ElectronicPunk> log syssetup {
<ElectronicPunk> title "SystemInfo Setup by C}{$"
<ElectronicPunk> size -1 -1 316 166
<ElectronicPunk> option dbu
<ElectronicPunk> tab "Formatting and Updates", 1, 1 3 313 146
<ElectronicPunk> box "Headings:", 14, 3 48 154 34, tab 1
<ElectronicPunk> box "Values:", 10, 3 18 154 27, tab 1
<ElectronicPunk> text "Colour:", 7, 7 29 17 8, tab 1
<ElectronicPunk> er,
<ElectronicPunk> gonna ust press the pwer button
<ElectronicPunk> byr
<Jewelzz> bye
<-- ElectronicPunk has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Jewelzz> thank god he's not updating the site tonight
<_XbAsEd_> haha .. you hope ;)
If you need this translated, just ask :p

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
My teeth were stained red this morning.
And decided to make last night my advance into jd's and coke.
it's all good.
company paid ;p
Evil Marge said:
Well I ain't staying up cause if I did I'd probably be the only one in there and if I don't get enough sleep I'm hell to live with :rolleyes:
If I'm awake/home I'm usally there [though I'm a nobody] :)

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