An Acer Problem


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29 Aug 2004
Trying to upgrade the HDD on a Acer Aspre T135.

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
Acer Aspire T135 R01-B4
Enclosure Type: Desktop
Processor a Main Circuit Board b 1.80 gigahertz AMD Sempron
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board: Acer K8VM800MAE
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. R01-B4 10/17/2005
Drives Memory Modules c,d
75.84 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
25.23 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Capacity 320GB

Connected the new drive to the board (spare Sata slot) powered up still with the original drive connected.
Firstly ran like a dog with 2 legs,did not recognise the drive,no error messages could still see the original drive etc.
Bios check could not find the new drive.
Connected the new HDD to the old hdd connectors still not recognised by the Bios, ran a windows install disc,windows could not find the drive.

Is this drive compatible with the board?
Am I being really stupid and have done or missed something really important?
Yes the new HDD appears to be spinning up.
I ran Hirens and did a check on the HDD with no success.

Took the HDD back to shop and now have a new HDD still got the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What is the model of the HDD you are trying to install?

When you say:

Connected the new HDD to the old hdd connectors still not recognised

You mean that you removed the existing hard drive and reconnected you new drive to the existing connector, then loaded into BIOS and tried to auto-detect the drive but it did not recognize it?

Is it possibly a SATA III drive? I think the mb you mentioned supports orginal SATA and in theory it should be backwards compatible but at the slower SATA1 speed, but it might still be a problem.

If the motherboard host controller uses the VIA and SIS chipsets VT8237, VT8237R, VT6420, VT6421L, SIS760, SIS964 found on the ECS 755-A2 mft'd in 2003, it might not support SATA 3 Gbit/s drives. To address interoperability problems, Seagate/Maxtor have added a user-accessible jumper-switch known as the Force 150, to switch between 150 MB/s and 300 MB/s operation. Though not all drives have this jumper. If you have a SATA 1.5 Gbit/s motherboard with one of the listed chipsets should either buy an ordinary SATA 1.5 Gbit/s hard disk, or buy a SATA 3 Gbit/s hard disk with the user-accessible jumper. Alternativly, you could buy a PCI or PCI-E card to add full SATA 3 Gbit/s capability and compatibility. I think Western Digital uses jumper setting called "OPT1 Enabled" to force 150 MB/s data transfer speed.
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