America's Army 2.0a - LAG?

While playing on even a low ping server lets say its map Mout Mkenna. My friend claims he walks to objectives at the beginning of the round and then is warped back to where he just previously walked and it happens 3 times in a row at times. Just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is and how we can resolve this lag issue. It makes the game unplayable. It's not always like this in the mornings he's told me he has a blast playing and there is no lag. Me personally think it is his isp but he has contacted them numerous times and its just plain rediculous they say he has a wonderful connection yet they can't see packet loss or obviously ignore it. Someone please give me some insight here!


The Idiot Circus Boy
What kind of connection does he have? I have noticed if it's not a beefy server (like Army official) using some serious bandwidth, anything over 16 people can have symptoms like you describe. I recall numerous times I jump around and get warped back to where I was previously standing. Some servers are just junk.
He is on a Turbo DSL which is 768/384 soon he should have 1.5/768 and Feb 21, 2004 everyone on DSL should be getting 3/1.5 I think having faster internet would help, but as you said some servers are crap.
I play on a server for about an hour and it runs good with a little lag here and there, but then all the sudden it will start lagging really bad like I explained before. Is this a server problem or internet service provider problem?


The Idiot Circus Boy
Just a server problem as more clients connect to it. I have the same problem sometimes, is perfect for hours but then maybe some net congestion causes it to drop a few clients or crash all together.

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