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American 10 pin bowling


Just had to try to get the first post in this new section!

How many of us participate in "American 10 pin Bowling??

I am not talking about duck pins - although I really enjoyed that the few times I tried it!

Nor am I talking about "bowling on the green" as they did in the motherland!

I bowl two nights a week - one mixed league and one men's handicap league - currently around 190 average!

Been bowling since I was 11 and have gotten progressively worse since I started drinking diet Coors (Coors Light).:D


RE: bowling on th green - I believe they call it "bowls" in the motherland - I can't remember how it goes - sorta like they have a marker (ball) or something and then try to get the closest to it - knocking the opponents ball farther away - oh the heck with it - come on folks - help me out!

Maybe it is too late for responses from England - as it is 2 AM over there!:D

Electronic Punk

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I have a (girl) friend in Alabama and she is younger than me but becoming a professional bowler... pretty cool.

There is nothing greater than getting paid for a hobby.


There is nothing greater than getting paid - period!!

Really that is cool - I know I could never be good enuf to make a living off of bowling!


Prodigal Son
My next door neighbor is good enough for the tour. He has a 220 average. His place is full of trophies, etc. I didn't know this until we invited his kids to my daughters birthday party back in March. (at a bowling alley) He is unable to go on tour as one of his children has serious medical problems that kind of keeps him close to home.

Perris Calderon

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here's a great bowling story...true story

I used to work with a yooung man who had a very bad case of torrets syndrome...he could never finish a sentence or thought without letting out a high piched whhopp.

his nick name, though it sounds cruel, he preferred to his real name...his real name was Jeff, but he insisted people call him "the beeper".

at any rate, believe it or not, his "beeping" would dissappear as soon as he started his approach, down the bowling alley, and for those few seconds, he had normal controll over his body...

he became a professional bowler!!!...but, now get this...he could not fly, or take a train, so although he was an amazing "athlete", he could never compete outside of n.y.

so, not being able to make a living on tour, because he couldn't travel, he made his living hustling in the bowling alleys...you would not loose your money, if you took a bet on " the beeper"

problem again though...he could not disguise his person, as his "beeping" had now become legendary, so, even the hustling at the bowling alleys could not bring him a decent living in the long run.

I don't know what's become of Jeff, ( I never called him "the beeper", even though he asked me to...I'm sure in his heart of hearts, he was always glad to see me, and hear me call his name).

no moral to this story, or punchline...it's just a story...a true story


That's a wonderful story dealer - too bad they could figure him out and he couldn't hustle anymore.

It is truely amazing what certain peoples with "challenges" can do when they find something they love and are good at!

Thanks for passing it on!


As per my Avatar, everyone can assume that I love bowling. I am the first and only left-hander to bowl a perfect 300 game in my City. My average is around the 180's.


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Well I've been bowling for as long as I can remember. I've been around the bowling business most of my life. At the present time I bowl two nights a week and average about 160 to 170 depending which league.


Chastity - what aspect of the bowling business?

I worked for the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA) for 3 1/2 years about 10 years ago. My primary job was conducting the National Junior Bowling Championship (NJBC) - probably better known as the Coke Tournament. I also oversaw the tournament sanctioning and rules department. I quit at YABA just before the NJBC came to Tucson - although I did site selection and pre-tournament visits prior to my leaving YABA. We used Golden Pin Lanes for the NJBC that year!

I also had the pleasure of assisiting with the Intercollegian regional tournaments and really enjoyed the Baker system of bowling.

There are a few professionals now on tour who I had the pleasure of watching compete as collegians and some as juniors in the NJBC. Some that come to mind are Chris Barnes, Linda Norry-Barnes, Robert Smith, Patrick Healy, Cathy and Carolyn Doran.

After 44 years of bowling - I still enjoy the sport - although it is very frustrating at times!:rolleyes:


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and my ball hooks too much, always crossing over on me. you think it would be my fault, but I'd rather blame the oil on the lanes.


Probably your fault - try playing the lane a little "deeper" - move your target farther left (assuming you're right handed) which should put the ball more into the oil - giving you more slide on the front end, delaying the hook and theortically making the ball break later, thus not crossing over.

Two other choices - don't move your target, but change your starting hand position (thumb not rotated as far to the right) or increase the speed of your ball.

Or any combination of the three!

So now go out and try them and then come back and tell me I got you totally messed up - that's what my wife always tells me!:eek:

<dy thinks - why the heck am I giving bowling lessons on an XP forum????>


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I like to bowl when I can - don't know what my average is as I'm not going often enough but when I'm on a roll I have been known to get 180+ and the occasional Turkey!

On the subject of Crown Green bowling it's a very sedate past time. Mostly associated over here with the retired although as there's a club near my house I'm going to give it a crack soon.

'Thing about bowls is that it's oh so very civilised (like cricket)... Basically you lob a 'jack' up the field and then try to get your bowls as close as possible to the jack. Two sides take it in turn to bowl and the side/person with the closests number of bowls to the jack wins. You can of course bowl to knock you opponent out of the way!

Great fun.


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