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Amd64 3200 @ 2.6


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Well, after trying to overclock my processor with my old Zalman 7000A-AlCu and it getting too hot. I got a Thermaltake Tower112 heatsink. Despite it's tremendous size, it's 3lb heavyweight title, it's cheap side stickers. It's one hell of a cooler. I don't know whether it's the heatpipes or the pure copper, the Arctic Silver 5, or just the Vantec Tornado 90mm fan that I toned down to make it quieter, but I achieved a 600mhz overclock to 2.6ghrz and I idle at 37c.

My specs are:
AMD64 3200+ 939 90nm
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
1GB 512MBx2 OCZ EL Platinum Rev.2
Seagate 120GB SATA HD
Ati-Radeon X800Pro OCed to XT-PE
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Thermaltake Tower112 Heatsink
Vantec Tornado 90mm
NEC 16x DVD Drive
BenQ DW1620 16xDVDRW DL
Thermaltake Xaser II Silent Purepower 480W PSU
Antec Aluminum Windowed Case.
Logitech Wireless Freedom Joystick
Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse
Saitek Gamers Keyboard/Pad Combo
Creative Inspire 5500 6.1 Speakers

With the speed I have now, I'm sure I could push it further, but I don't think that's necessary at the moment. :)

That made my day.


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I have been able to push my 2100XP to about 2400XP specs, but my system is FAR to loud to stand to keep that up without going nuts (damn comp sounds like a 747 on takeoff). Plus my setup is really not equiped to handle pushing things that hard for any real period of time. I get too nervous as I can't afford to replace things if parts suffer from thermal meltdown. I really need a water cooling setup or a liquid nitrogen setup to run that heavy of an overclock.

But like ShepsCrook said, it is not about being brave, it is about taking the time and having patience to work and manage a nice overclock. I know ppl with 1Ghz overclocks that are stable as stock and have been running them for years. Anything is possible with enough time, patience and money to work the problem.


Red Sox Fan!
Well said. Yeah, I have to agree, there's nothing about being brave. Well, almost nothing. Brave enough to chance destroying your stuff. But it's only computer parts. Nothing that's irreplaceable. :)

I think it's more about squeezing more juice out of what you paid for. Getting more bang for the buck. Instead of spending the money to get the top of the line. Get a proven chip and overclock the hell out of it to save you a few hundred.

I had an Athlon XP Mobile 2600 (Stock 2.0ghrz and 266FSB) I overclocked that to 2.4ghrz and 400FSB and it was at 38c. Well over 3200 speeds. I could have gone higher. Thanks for the WOW at it. Going to 2.6ghrz sounds to be close to the limit of the AMD64 3000 and 3200 processors. I've heard 2.7ghz on air, and that's it. I'm more then happy with 2.6 though.


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Usually you'll lose a CPU first, before the mobo. But hey. It's only an AMD64 3200 90nm. They're down to $205 for an OEM (Which is what you want if you overclock) at newegg.com

I paid about $315 for mine new. I have the same speed as an AMD64 3800 which costs $589 OEM over $600 for retail. So I still think I'm ahead of the game.


The Voices Talk to Me
Well if you think about it it is no differnt than adding a supercharger or turbo to your car. yes it stresses the components a little more but as long as you control the enviroment it is no more damaging. Most things are designed to last a lot longer than you will probley keep them anyway.

Look at a CPU, the aver OSNN style user only keeps a processor for 2 years average before upgrading. Yet a processor should last 7-10 years.


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A processor can last well over 10 years. They could last a lifetime really. But I know what you mean. I will plan on upgrading sometime in the near future when Dual Core chips are more mainstream and there is another proven overclocking chip available then. Or when AMD settles on a socket size instead of going through 3 different sockets to find the one they want to maintain. :p

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