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AMD XP vs P4 ?

I was wondering If I could get some input on CPU's .
The AMD XP or a P4 ? What one's better ?

Is one is easier to overcloak.. then the other etc.... ?

Thanks for the input guys ( and gals ).



Windows XP comes with some SSE optmizations, which benefits both Pentium 4 and Athlon XP, and it's slightly faster than Windows 2000.

AMD Athlon XP 1500+ can't be beat in benchmarks and price .

Pentium 4/1700 and Athlon XP 1800+ are still good value, whereas the Pentium 4/1800 to 2000 are definitely too expensive for the performance you get. It offers much less value than any of the other processors.

If you're in the market for an AMD processor, be prepared to shell out at least 50 dollars for a powerful cooler. Cheap run-of-the-mill coolers costing as little as 15 dollars can only be used for speeds up to 1200 MHz.

AMD Athlon XP, although clocked at a lower speed, is able to reach the same performance than a faster-clocked Intel Pentium 4.

I like AMD myself :)
You don't need a super cooler :p the stock heatsink and fan that came with my athlon 1800+ work fine to cool the chip and it is overclocked to 1900+ status my CPU at full load is only at about 47c and thats at about 1.58 ghz :)


Same old battle of David vs. Goliath. The Athlon XP is overclockable in two ways, by upping the fsb or changing the multiplier. To change the multiplier you need to reconnect the L1 bridges which will allow you to change the multiplier. As far as I know the P4 still has the multiplier locked on-die as it was with the Pentium generations before. This makes for more overclocking options with the Athlon XP. For the question of high dollar coolers, just depends on how far you want to go and how cool of a CPU you want. There are some high dollar coolers out there but i have found great performance in the Thermalright SK-6. I have a T-Bird 1.33 Ghz and run at about 40 C using ASII. I had a Volcano 5 before and was running anywhere from 49-53 C using ASII. The Athlon XP also tends to run a bit cooler than the T-Bird core. just my .02. :D
Thanks for the replys.... Keep them coming...

As for cooling. I bought a Coolance water cooling system......

Does the XP 1800+ out run the P4 1.8 ?



da rock

amd all the way my man! w/watercooling you shouldn't have any
probs. as for speed ,a lot depends on your motherboard , bios


There is the new P4 called the Northwood P4.

It is a 0.13 micron processor and can be overclocked lots.

They compared the 2.2 Northwood to the AMD Athlon XP 2000+ OCED to 2300+ while the Northwood stayed stock speeds and the Northwood still beat it,also the AMD was water cooled. Talk about a biased review.

Anyways the Northwood 2.2 have been overclocked to 3.1gig air cooled.

The 1.6 have been overclocked to 2.4 air cooled.

The 1.8 have been overclocked to 2.6 air cooled.

Just remember this is the new core Northwood not the old one which was a Williamette. The price is out rageously cheap as people complain how Intel is high about 200 dollars for the 1.6 which will overclock to 2.6 if you use water cooling.



...yeah, the DRAGON makes me drool...I'd say P4 cuz I'm a retard...I keep changing which one I like more tho...Athlon XP has an amazing price tag but P4 is .13 microns, RAMBUS(if u choose that mobo tho) and hyper-threading, which is VERY cool.

What site did you get this from? first off I've never seen a bios shot of ANY athlon reaching 2300+, second off, i've seen websites showing a athlon 2000 beating the p4 northwood 2.2 in everything but 3d games

It all depends what site you read, some are biased, some are genuinely honest, but all the sites i've seen have called the battle close depending on what apps you use

on another note...you must be kidding if you think a northwood has EVER reached 3.1 gig air cooled...I saw a site not long ago that showed a northwood at 3.2 gig and they used Freon cooling and the system was only stable enough to run 3dmark and wcpuid, and it scored like 10816 3dmarks in case ya wonderin :)

but I doubt them saying they can overclock a p4 to 3.1gig air cooled is true, hell they oughta call intel and show them heheh


This is just like Chevy vs. Ford (or Hondas vs. Mitsubishi)...

Your gonna get different answers depending on who you talk to and everybody's gonna be opinionated...

My opinion... A watercooled AMD will kick the crap out of any Intel Proccesor... The PIV was designed, what I read awhile back, for 3gig speeds... It won't live until then... That's why the pipline is so long...

I'm an AMD kinda guy :D...


actually, it probably will live until then...It has so much potential. RDRAM will probably be a real need when P4 hits the 3g mark and pplz will really start using the hyper-thread feature.


That was kinda confusing... What I meant is that it won't live up to its full potential until then...

However because of the pipeline its still going to suffer... They sacraficed performance for a high MHZ rating...

Marketing... :p...


I had the same type of questions when i built my new comp and i went with an Athlon XP 1800+ on a DDR board and i'm extremely happy with it. I havn't overclocked this baby yet but as soon as my materials arrive i'm gonna unlock this 1800+ and overclock this sucker :)

I have overclocked my Visiontek Geforce 3 from 200/460 to 215/510 with stock cooling. Could have went higher however this gives me excellent graphics while keeping temps down.

Go for the AMD!! and spend the extra on more ram or a better video card etc.
Thanks for all the replys.

I think in going to go with :

AMD XP 1800+
Water cooling

Thanks all .............



If you'r really going with water coolling check out overclockers.com, don't bothe joining the forum :D...

There plenty of good info there about it...


ok here's my 2 cents' worth. Speaking from experience, the AthlonXP 1800+ can be overclocked to 2100+ with air cooling... I'm running it at that speed right now, and my temp is currently 39C... After playing RTCW or CounterStrike for an hour or two, it goes up to 43C... This is with air cooling. Now, it could probably go higher but I really hate upping my FSB that much, in fact I usually leave it at spec (133MHz) - I just wanted to run some benchmarks yesterday and today, so I have it higher again...

The heatsink I am using is the Dynatron 1206BM-0, it comes with a Delta 60mm fan (kinda loud tho) :( and it cost $39.99 at www.plycon.com. GREAT performance, microfin technology, solid copper (but not too heavy) - everything I was looking for in a heatsink. As far as the rest of my system specs, they're in my sig, as well as a link to the screenshot of WCPUID and SiSoft Sandra 2002, showing a performance rating of 2.541GHz. Not bad for a stock 1.533GHz chip, IMHO... :D

So, AthlonXP all the way! Can't beat the cost, I mean, I got my mobo+CPU for $285 total...


edit: oh yeah, in that SiSoft screenshot, you can see my processor compared to a P4 2.0 - I doubt that's the Northwood version (although it should be, since this is Sandra 2002) but still...

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