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AMD w/SD ram problem?



I have always been an intel slot 1 guy....however I have now taken the plunge and built (2) AMD systems, one power and one budget. The power system is great!
My question is, on the budget system, I used a AMD athlon 1700+ XP chip with a ECS K7S5A mobo and 512mb of PC100 ram (just cause I had it laying around). When I first booted up the system it only saw the processor as a AMD 1152 or something like that, no problem, went into the bois and changed the mhz to 133 and viola a AMD1700 BUT it also took the ram up to 133. The system has been running for a few days now and seems to be ok, but if the ram is in fact pc100 and the bus speed is set to 133 will I have problems? In the bios you could set many different bus speed combinations but 133mhz processor and 100mhz ram was not one of them?
Any feedback?


it may shorten the lifespan of your memory dramatically, although its possible it depends on the type (manufacturer) of memory that it is.


Is there any way of telling how far I am pushing the ram? Acutally now that I think of it, I am not even sure if it is 100 or 133mhz? Is there any way to tell?
Originally posted by TechSupport
it may shorten the lifespan of your memory dramatically, although its possible it depends on the type (manufacturer) of memory that it is.
I agree. It depends on the quality of the RAM, be careful.


hhhmm, the value system is for my sister-in-law...if it starts to become a problem for the ram, what would the symptoms be? Freezing? Running win XP, system will not be overclocked in any way at all.


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run a prog that tells you your system specs. it will tell you speed of ram etc really easylt. i cant remember the name of a prog i used that was really good:huh:

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