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AMD Thunderbird 1.4Ghz + Abit KG7 Raid: Heatsink suggestions


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Hello, I have a very old school set up:

- AMD Thunderbird 1.4Ghz
- Abit KG7 Raid motherboard
- GeForce 2 Pro 64Mb
- Enermax 350w

The CPU heatsink fan has stopped working and I want to get a quieter one.

Could someone suggest one that is suitable for this CPU and motherboard set up (space seems to be pretty tight)?

Would the Coolermaster XDream 3 be suitable?

Thanks in advance,


You live in London, take your specs with you and visit a retail outlet called Maplin, someone there will sell you the right hardware, they're good like that, don't buy from them off the net that's their downside.

The website is www.maplin.co.uk

They're open on Sunday, the only London one I used was in Forest Hill off Standstead Road, there is one in Bromley High Street, if you check their website find your nearest store, give them a call on opening hours, explain what you need, ask if they have it in stock, if they do ask them to reserve it as you wil pick it up that day.

That's what I would do. GL
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