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AMD Processor Drivers

Hey All

Just wondering if i need to update my AMD Athlon Processor driver, ive never heard of these drivers before untill yesterday and have never updated them. Is it worth doing? What problems do they fix? Any improvements?

It Wont mess my computer up will it?

I Looked on the AMD Site Briefly and only found AMD Utilities and not the Drivers. Are they official or not AMD Processor Drivers?

If anyone can find a link let me know.

Please Help


The AMD drivers are old news. They were only required for a special combination of AMD CPU release and version of windows that would not play nice together.

No updates are required and in most instances the drivers are not actually required. Installing should not cause a problem.


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Doesn't make any difference to me with the old or the new.

Stick with what you have unless you format or something I would say.
It's good to run the drivers now and then. For instance, Dual core processors like the Opteron and X2, had issues while running games because of a driver problem. AMD recognized this and created a driver to fix this issue.


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Yah, the drivers only are for Cool N Quiet, i didnt bother to install that on my computers, someone told me it hinders the performance...
I'm not sure what type of computer you have, but usually computer manufacturers will have any neccessary processor updates on there driver page. I know Compaq does...

There was an amd processor update for the amd 64 that didnt fix much, it required way too much work to be worth it so i didnt bother.

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