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AMD price cuts!


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Im sure most of you all have seen this but i thought i would go ahead and post it for those of you who haven't and it will give us something to talk about. the world of end processing is about to get interesting. i say conroe is the best thing that has happened in a long time.


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Re: AMD price cuts!!!!!!

Looks as if they only cut the middle and upper lower CPU's. Thats to bad, I was hoping they would cut the prices of their upper stuff to, more specifically the 4800 and FX60. (939)
i was actually thinking about looking into buying a Conroe instead of going with a 3800-4800 x2..... cant decide if it would be better to just upgrade the CPU to something decent or get a new mobo+conroe...hmm
For those with a Frye's electronics in town (houston, dallas, Seattle, LA, Atlanta, etc):

They have the Pentium D 805 chip and an ECS MB w/Intel chipset for $129 this weekend. The 805 is a notoriously good overclocker. ECS MB's are plain jane with limited overclcoking support but mine have taken pushing the FSB just fine.

Update - I pulled the manual on that MB. Bad choice. You can't vary the FSB even though you can vary the Vcore of the CPU. :(
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