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AMD...ohhhh baby


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The original 2800+ chip runs at 2.25 GHz, which is faster than both its replacement and the 3000+ chip. What gives? "The bottom line is the 2800+ model number is derived from application performance," says AMD spokesperson Damon Muzny. The new 2800+ uses more cache instead of more megahertz to reach a specific application speed level, he adds.
makes sense

:p :p


yeah its fast for a 2.1GHz chip.

what i dont understand is. Intel are using 0.13 and get 3 Ghz. AMD are using 0.13 and are only 2.2 Ghz. Why does the AMD got such a low clock speed. they should have Athlons running at 3ghz which would be awesome.

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The Ahtlon XP 3000+ is Excellent for Lowering the price of the 2800+ which is even better. goody:p

i want amd to just jump straight to 3ghz that would show intel the finger:cool:


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amd and intel architecture operates quite differently in order to achieve teh same thing...

overall what can be derived is the fact that SPEED != PERFORMANCE...

thereby intels mhz/ghz campaign only aims to get more market share by saying that a 3.06ghz processors == better performance... this is not the case by far as can be seen by the benches...

intel no doubt has the speed crown... amd's fastest processor retailing is almost 1ghz slower than intel's flagship... and thats a fact... but this almost 1ghz slower part performs @ the same level as intel's part...

intel's northwood's execute 6 instructions per clock cycle v/s 9 for amd... and hence you have approximately equal performance... the gap even between the 2800+ and the 3.06ghz p4 with HT enabled was negligible... some things amd is faster some things intel is faster...

once the hammer's come out with SSE2 instructions that should make things more interesting...

certainly do read the review @ www.anandtech.com for a little description of how cache works and there are many websites which can explain what hypertransport is (amd's bottleneck removing feature :) ) and what is to be found in the hammer...


Shorter pipelines, better instructions and hypertransports increased bus lead to higher floating points and faster math processing - not to mention a killer CPU.

It's the megahertz myth Apple has been screaming about for years. Looks like the boys at AMD took note and decided to beat Intel about the head with some of Motorolas design ideas. SWEET.
It was the same scenario when the KyroII graphics cards came out... they were solid graphics cards and could keep up with some gf3 cards at the time... however, the GPU ran at a much lower MHz than competitor's cards... and therefore created less heat, and allowed more headroom for overclocking...

that is obviously the kinda thing AMD are looking for... their 2GHz cpu can perform at same level as the Intel 3GHz.

Only thing for AMD to think about now is... where is the KyroII now?? Hmm... in most people's dustbins now - AMD need to ensure their CPUs dont end there too

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