amd notebooks?



i am wondering if anyone out there has any idea whether or not any notebook company has plans to release a notebook containing an amd processor paired up with a mobile geforce4 ever becasue the trend seems to be that amd is being ignored in teh mobile world

it would be amazing if you could get either an inspiron 8200 or a satellite 5105-s701 with a mobile athlon XP but from what i can tell i cant find any machine out there with a resolution of 1600x1200 a good video card to drive it and a nice amd processor. and quite frankly im a little aggrevated by this! if someone knows somethign i dont please let me know. thanks a lot.


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In my opinion
notebook = 80% for bussiness
So doesn't matter what video card contains ...
HP has pretty good notebooks


i can see your point but if im going to spend the money it mind as well be decent at video i wish someone would come up with a true desktop replacement solution....


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Well here is my opinion
CPU - Athlon XP 1600+
Vidcard - GF3Ti500 or GF4Ti4200 ( Asus - Leadtek - Gainward - MSI )
256DDR ( Samsung - Kingmax )
Epox 8KTA3+ or MSI KT3 Ultra
Monitor - ADi G66 (if possible ) or ADi G710
Speakers - Altec
Mouse - Logitech wireless
Keboard - doens't matter


I have to agree on the posts. Notebooks are designed for mobile use. There is, however, one notebook on the market that is designed for high power. It's the Alienware 51M. It will run you nearly $3000 though.

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