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I'm interested in picking up a 2500. I blew up my 2200 (long story). Anyways, I know that newer 2500's (all newer bartons, perhaps?) are multiplier locked. Is there any way to tell which ones are/aren't locked. I was thinking about picking something up on ebay cheap, or maybe if someone here is trying to get rid of one.


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Ok bored so here you go ...

The current Athlon XP might be "locked" version even though L1 is uncut. To the best of our knowledge & research that some of the latest batches of Athlon XP with new PCB from serial number Axxxxx 0333~Axxxxx 0339 might be "locked" versions although some are NOT. However, serial numbers such as Axxxxx 0340 & later versions are almost the "locked" versions
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Make sure your MB has the hardware (clock chip) and Frimware (bios) to support clock multiplier changes too. Mine does not.

On the other hand FSB overclocking produces better results if you can also push your RAM proportionally. I have my Barton 2500 FSB pushed to 183 and RAM to 366 and life is stable(haven't seen a BSOD).

Just make sure you are not also pushing your AGP clock or PCI clock. Add in card overclocking can cause problems.

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