AMD in Deal to Build Chip Factory in New York


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5 Apr 2002
Advanced Micro Devices has entered into a nonbinding agreement with the state of New York that calls for building a $3.2 billion microprocessor plant in Saratoga Springs.

AMD's prospective fabrication plant is tagged for a 200-acre site at the Luther Forest Technology Campus, the chipmaker said on Friday. AMD envisions a 1.2 million square-foot facility, which would likely produce microprocessors based on 32-nanometer manufacturing technology. The company, however, has to first deliver its chips based on 45-nanometer manufacturing technology, which it expects to introduce in mid-2008.

"This is a nonbinding agreement and provides us with flexible planning for now and in the future," said Preston Snuggs, vice president of AMD's manufacturing systems. "We expect to grow year over year...and the products will become more complex year over year, so all that drives the need for more (manufacturing) capacity."

The agreement calls for AMD to begin construction as early as mid-2007, possibly putting the plant online in 2010.

The state of New York has offered to help subsidize the $3.2 billion cost with $1 billion in incentives.

Additional issues played a role in the selection of New York as a fabrication site. AMD has a number of employees working at IBM's facilities in New York, and it is also a partner with the Albany Center for Excellence in Nanotechnology, said Snuggs.

He added that the agreement may be further along in the finalization process by the end of the year.

AMD's announcement comes a day after Intel issued a statement regarding the opening of its 65-nanometer plant in Ireland. The new plant and 65-nanometer technology are expected to help Intel move forward with a new line of multicore goods.

Source: CNET

For anyone who doesn't know where I live, this is about 20 minutes away from where I live.
good to see that this will be americans building these. Allways makes me happy to see industry staying in the states.
The plant will employ over 3000 staffers. 1200 will be actual staff and 1800 will be support staff.
if the plant is here i promise you it will generate jobs ;) Hopefully this production increase will allow AMD to meet the supply limitation that they face in supplying dell and other large Intel dominated markets.

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