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AMD Dual motherboard



Hi, Im thinkig about buying a dual CPU motherboard to run 2 AMD Athlon MP processors. I was wondering if it would be possible to run the motherboard with only 1 processor (until I get the funds for another one). And is gettin a dual CPU motherboard a good idea atall? Or would I be better off buying a normal single CPU motherboard with an AMD XP processor?
I use my PC mainly for gaming, and would like the best performance possible.
Any comments apreciated.

Im pretty sure you can run a dual CPU board with just one CPU.

I'm considering getting one also, so I'm looking out for reccomends on what kind, etc, also :)

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yeah, dual-cpu boards will run with just one.

but i wouldn't recommend getting a dual-cpu setup for games. since most games don't utilize dual cpu's, some will actually run slower compared to a single xp setup. especially since there are much faster boards out for xp's than ones out for dual mp's.

just get an xp 2700+ with any nforce2 board and 2x512mb pc2700. best amd setup you can get for gaming right now. cheaper than a dual-cpu board and 2 cpu's, too. dual setups are usually best for encoding and editing.


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Dual CPU MoBos are utilized mainly by programs that are written for Dual CPUs. Such as Photo Shop, AutoCAD and the such. And of the two versions of XP, Pro Edition only can utilize Dual CPUs not XP Home Editon.

If all you want is a gaming box then a single CPU MoBo is more than enough just get a fast CPU (anything 1.5Ghz or over is enough), a good Vid Card (newer Nvidia or the new Radeon's) and lots of RAM (512 MB or better).

But these are my comments... others may vary. :cool:


"I have the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard (nForce2 chipset). I, frankly, love it, even with an AMD Athlon 2400+ CPU."
Im glad you said that, cos that's exactly what I ordered this morning! (How wierd is that!). hehe
Thanks for all your replies, you've all been really helpfull!


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Yes most dualies will run w/ only 1 cpu. Provided its a socket mobo, NOT CARD CPU's! for those 99% of the time you need a dummy. I've actually seen socket dummies before but that was on a proprietary peice of crap. I have gone through 2 Tyan thunder k-7's and am toying w/ a Supermicro P3 dualie board right now. (I just gave away the tyan's, they have never given me any grief.) They will be great for gaming. especially the k-7/8's. Just make sure u are running xp pro. Be carefull when cooling cuz they run hot! Especially the k-7's! No multipliers on 'em so be carefull when toying w/ settings. These are my experiences w/ these boards and I do not claim to be an expert.

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