AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton Cooling


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12 May 2004

I'm new to AMD's Processors still kinda, even though I had it since early october, but didn't really have problems with cooling then, now I feel like I"m starting to.

What are the safe temps to use it to?

Also is the rear of the power supply suppose to be warm when in use?

Should I get a new PC Case? (I had shop build my AMD in my old P3 case, if new case is needed, I'll get it really soon)


AMd Athlon XP 2500+ Barton with stock heatsink/fan on Abit NF7-S 2.0,
1 front fan, 1 pci slot fan
Northbridge fan(stock)
and Generic ATX Case, bought in 2000, for my Old P3 700, for 19 dollars
Graphics Card--Geforce FX 5600 AGP 8x..256MB

anyone have an answer? Current Temps 41C for System, and 54 C for CPU
1) The PSU probably will get fairly warm. That's why they have fans.
2) I think the 3500 is rated up to 76C or something. I've seem them running fine at 65C, but most people prefer to run them <50C. Personally, 45C was about where I'd keep it under.
3) A P3 case should still be an ATX case, so no problems
4) You really should have a fan (other than the PSU and slot fan) blowing out.
5) Newer P4's run hotter than XP's, the old "amd runs hot" myth is no more
6) Best short money options: Replace heat sink and fan with something better or replace the stock fan with an 80mm adapter and fan.
Ok I will get an exhaust fan, and I'll look for an adapter for the heatsink fan, since I cannot change heatsink, shop won't do it, they said it voids the warranty.

Otherwise I'm happy with my AMD System, (though friend scares me sometimes with the things she says about the temperatures, but I won't believe her anymore) and I will get the exhaust fan as soon as possible

Thanks for replying
ur case maybe an issue...or maybe its just that the room is hot over all..whats the room temp at most of the time?

Room temp is anywhere from 43F to 75F I think, (of course it might be a little more today since outside temp is around 82-83 Degrees. but I'll manage with it, just will have to get last fan case can handle..and hopefully it works fine after that
bikeman said:

Room temp is anywhere from 43F to 75F I think, (of course it might be a little more today since outside temp is around 82-83 Degrees. but I'll manage with it, just will have to get last fan case can handle..and hopefully it works fine after that

lol canadien eh :p degrees celcius lol :D buh yea im guessing thats probably a good room enough room temp ..the things mentioned above will probably help too exhaust fan will help as well as a bigger fan on the heatsink
Your room temp is fine.

A P3 case, unless it was a full tower, probably is not good enough for a 3 gig system. The old K6/P3 sytsems ran half the power current systems do and the cases had major heat issues. I have some old cases I wont use because they are heat traps.

You need a case with the following:
-Air grill in front needs to have large air passages.
-Two intake fans on the front are best.
-An exhaust fan in the rear is mandatory.
-Power supply fan should not be obtructed by wide grill covers.
-The power supply should be higher in the case than the CPU, Not blocking the CPU HSF.
-Round cables for the HD/CDrom and floppy are a good idea.

Unless that is a good power supply (did not come with the $19 case) then it may need an upgrade too. The power supply exhaust air and the case around the power supply should not be hot. Warm yes, hot no. If it is hot you may be on the verge of frying the power supply. The cheap power supplies don't have overheat or overload protection. They will run until they die.

Also as quick fixes until you can get new case and/or power supply:

Leave the side cover off.
Get some compressed air and blow out the computer AND the power supply. After that many years I guarantee the PS is full of dust and cobwebs.

I have a new 300 watt power supply, the case is a mid tower, ATX.. and I know it's not a really good case for cooling newer faster systems, so I may end up just getting the new case anyways in a few days or weeks, depending on when I get it up to the shop to do that. The Power Supply currently is behind the motherboard, on the left side of the case..behind the 5 1/4 inch drives. The power supply is warm today, not hot like the other day. (THe Power supply that's in here, did not come with this case) the old one shop tossed when they put my AMD Athlon XP 2500+ in here

Thanks for the replies
I'm surprised lately that my CPU and system temps are around 48-50C. Maybe I haven't used it in a long time so forgot the usual temp that it runs at. :p

I need to find a way of directing the exhaust (heat) from the PSU away from the box. The heat is like being blown against the wall directly behind the PSU, and the air is going nowhere in particular. Is there anything I could use that can help me direct the heat away from the back of the box?

If I do get a new case, I know one thing it must fit in this desk's hole area for the CPU. so i'm kinda worried about that as well, since my luck I'd get the case home and it wouldn't fit inside it

But I can't measure, since I'm terrible at it, so I guess I will just have to hope it fits when I do get the new case...otherwise I'll be very unhappy I can't use my computer.

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