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AMD and Intel

I don't want to start another war, just want to rant I guess :rolleyes:

AMD better get it's act together. It used to be AMD was at the top of the performance list. If you had a fairly late model AMD chip, you were doing good. Then Intel started inching their way upward and now AMD can't keep up at all. :(

It's starting to seem like you get an AMD system if you want a "value" PC. For people looking for cheaper systems, they're comparing Celeron based systems with Athlon based systems. Is there something wrong with this picture?

I really hope this Hammer lives up to its hype (once it finally gets released). It almost HAS to to get back into the top ranks again.

Well, that's all :D


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not entirely sure if this belongs in the HARDWARE section :)

you have not been following the news closely... not entirely that is...

see intel is revamping its product line... the "top of the line" sort of systems NOW.. the p4 2.0 ghz through like 2.4 or whatever are going to be placed into their celeron category... into the same selling range... thats their product placement...

amd is placing their older chips... the 0.18micron process thoroughbreds into the duron style category they had...

its the way the product placement works... you can't expect the current lineup to always be top of the line... the thoroughbred has been stretched to new levels... lol it was supposed to die out a while back :) but apparently it will be stretched to around the 3200+ performance level by AMD... per info released and speculated..

currently the top performing CPU out there is the 2800+ released by AMD per most benches... it performs at or better than the level reached by intel's p4 2.8ghz behemoth... so its too early in teh game to start writing off AMD...

they have money issues more than anything else... not as big a kitty as INTEL does... they cannot afford to have product disasters... but the word is that the hammer is a better next gen product than most of the other stuff being put out there...

the hammer(s) should do fine... there is sufficient interest and demand for the server chips appears to be quite high per initial prototype benches and what not...

rant away.. but AMD bashing is not as COOL as it once was :)

they are a better product and have a better price range than INTEL.. both products are flawed BUT we might see the hammer overcome some of the flaws and place AMD in a better situation...


Considering that the Athlon was make it or break it time for AMD, they are not doing that bad. Anyone who has watched the processor market knows, it wasn't until the Athlon that Intel had any serious competition. So it's not surprising that Intel with it's lion share of the processor market has recovered from it's slippage and is positioning itself for the kill
But that is just my humble opinion, I could be wrong.
Hell, I'm not AMD bashing! All my computers from an old 233 K6, 650MHz SlotA, 700 MHz SlotA, 1.0 GHz T-bird (o/c to 1.33 nicely:)), and now my 2000+ are all AMD's. The only Intel I ever had was the kids' Celeron, which I just got rid of (and will NEVER buy another Celeron again).

I really enjoyed it when the Athlons came out and totally squashed the Intels for performance and price. It was nice to see fat Intel scramble to keep up for a while. I was just stating that it looks like AMD is releasing new CPUs with marginal increases in performance trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of the current line when it looks like Intel is just breezing along with higher and higher speeds with no end in sight.

It's just a bit disappointing to see the trend reversing that's all. If Intel re-attains and sustains superiority, then they will become free to set the market price again.

BTW: I put it in hardware because CPUs are hardware right? :)


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well that is to be expected...

remember when intel first moved to their p4 platform?

they had been doing the same thing with their intel p3's... squeezing every last drop out of it and TRYING to work upwards past the 1ghz barrier back then when speed was king...

once they moved to their new process it allowed them to scale better... but AMD has kept up with intel even with lower clocks able to outperform the intel cpus...

consumers will eventually learn that speed is not all that matters...

once the hammers with their increased cache and core refinements hit the streets we will see if they are for real or not :)

till then I am sticking with my baby :)


if you pit an amd cpu against a same speed cpu from intel, te pentium will get housed, thats the bottom line. doesn't matter if amd doesn't release a cpu every three weeks, amd actually puts more thought and planning into there cpus. its funny how a athlon with fewer pipe lines can out preform a p4 with 20 at the same clock speed.


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Well both AMD and Intel have and most likely will make more mistakes. Ok I'm not a big AMD fan but I do like choice. I also hope the Hammer does well for AMD sake and for the sake of choice as its seems AMD is betting the whole company on it which is good and bad for a number of reasons. Intel as had it fair share of problems over the years.

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