AMD am3 - anyone anxious?


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12 Jan 2004
I been readins a lot of things about the new AMD Am3 boards. They said they will support ddr3 and the processors will work in amd2 boards. Anyone think this will be a good thing or a bad thing? even though intel has had ddr3 support for over a year.

With the way AMD is, I think even though they are coming in late; they still have a chance to over come. Since they always seem to figure out a way to make things faster for less money ....

here is the new chip set image:

ddr3 so far is pretty much useless... maybe next generation will be different
its also much more expensive

amd needs some good cpus, and fast
I know the am2 and am2+ boards are good. But, with all the 790i boards coming out. I think it is about time that AMD comes out with something.
i have an 680 intel board too but see no reason to keep updating - i do that once evey 5 years per machine, so next time for me should be early 2012 :)
Its exciting for those who have not upgraded in a few years or more. I know some people with Socket A boards in their main machines still. AMD needs to up their own personal bar a bit, and hopefully a fresh platform and fresh CPU's coupled with ATi's improving performance they can recover and maybe even compete with Intel again on the performance front.
I'm starting to loose my likings for AMD. I'm siding more with Intel these days. My laptop just seems to run better then my AMD desktop.
Core 2 is superior to AMD at the moment and will be for some time.

AMD shouldn't realistically be on anyone's roadmap util they get their heads out of their arses.

AMD's brass are more interested in powertrips than making decent produce.
I been seeing a lot of probs with them all. I think a lot of it is that you get people who don't know what they are doing, which causes the problems ...
Some brands tend to have more problems I am not talking user error here
technically you are, if the user of the pc that designs the boards actually looked at what they were doing and found the faults before production, a lot of issues would never happen.

So yes user error is always a factor :D
Some brands tend to have more problems I am not talking user error here

I see all kinds of reports about probs with all manufactures. Asus, abit, gigbyte, evga, fxf, etc. They all have issues of some sort or another. Mostly you find that it is because the people building them did something wrong in the process. Some times, if you skip the one little step it can turn into a nightmare ...

And so you know: the EVGA 750i sli is the top selling board on the tiger so far. It is also a good seller on the egg.
Hey buy what you like, I made my opinion known you do not need to agree with me nor I with you ...
Hey buy what you like, I made my opinion known you do not need to agree with me nor I with you ...

I appreciate your input and my last post was in no way dissing it. It was just to point out that there are probs with all boards. More than likely, when I do go to buy one, it will be an asus. As they are all I ever used and am not in the mood to fix something that isn't broken :)

As for the AM3; I am anxious for it to come out. Hopefully it will bring AMD back to where it should be .. I also did like AMD better than intel, it's just with the limited things with it now, it is better to get an intel. Which is why I am hoping that the new AM3 is better ...

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