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AMD AM 2 Motherboards Available for Pre-Order


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I know a lot of you have been tracking the release of the AMD AM 2 socket hardware - well it appears Overclockers.co.uk is accepting pre-orders :)

I posted it on the front page, as it is rather exciting, but wanted to bring it to the attention of you forum surfers as well. Hopefully that means they are on track for their summer release, even in the U.S.A.!



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With the performance numbers that have shown up so far I think AMD is going to have a hard time this year. It sucks for people that are waiting for the next gen (like me) but have to come to accept the lower performace for the new platform... Hopefully we will see some increase in the final retail products.

Thanks for the info


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anyone? also could you outline the benefits to this cpu as well is it just better heat management?



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It was scheduled for Q2/Q3 but I think they pushed it up.

IIRC, expect more news by the end of this month.

Major difference will be a revised memory controller supporting DDR-2 and possibly beyond, plus some additional tweakage. I doubt the new HT standard will be included but who knows. Haven't really kept up with AM-2.


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haha i thought thats what he meant (ddr).

So is it worth waiting then, KC may be biased on this one haha, otherwise i was looking at the 3800x2.


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As I have posted in your other thread, it's kind of a toss up in the waiting department. All people have a budget in mind, just like you, and I haven't seen pricing on the new stuff yet. I suppose you could wait a while until you can at least find some pricing, and then make your decision.
AMDs AM2 processors will have some nice features, but it looks like more people are waiting to get their hands on the Intel Core 2 Duo or Conroe cores.

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