AMD 64-bit single-core processor club

I just need ati drivers dammit, then I can ditch this 32bit lark.
What is this motherboard like guys??
Asus K8V AMD Skt754 VIA K8T800 8X AGP DDR400 +SATA RAID Marvell Gigabit LAN +6ch audio +USB2 (up to DDR400)
its pretty good...

asus has another version which has a wireless lan adaptor that you can plug in :)

however nvidia and via are both releasing updated versions of their boards which have some decent little upgrades (through raw performance is pretty much the same) if you are considering that as a first time buyer...
I plan to join the club this summer with a badass 64 proc. Mainly I will use it for running Novell 6 on. Cant wait hehehe
Well I've recently joined the 64 bit class!

I've done a lot of reading about CPUs/Mobos to make an educated purchase so I could probably help out if anyone has any questions.
I was a little daunted by all the talk of BTX and PCI Express but I realised that I'd be better off getting a system now since I've already purchased an AGP based vid card only a month or two ago. Anyways I decided to go for it and now I have a relatively reliable (apart from a few problems lol) 64 bit system.

Btw, I originally wrote a lot more here but it expanded so big it became a thread of its own. If you want my advice on building a 64bit rig see my post: Buyers Guide: My guide to 64 bit

| My Complete System Specs:
| - AMD Athlon 3200+ 64bit
| - Gigabyte K8VNXP Mobo
| - Abit Geforce FX 5900 OTES
| - 1 Gigabyte Corsair Ram (TwinX3200C2Pro)
| - Liteon 8×DVD+/-RW (SOHW-812S)
| - Coolermaster Wavemaster Case
| - Thermaltake 480w Butterfly PSU
| - HDD: Primary- 60GB Seagate, Secondary- 160GB Seagate

Sazar, Is this one of the new mobos to come out and what do you think of it....
Gigabyte S754 nForce 3 ATX A L R . Time is near :)
its an nf3-150... not recommended...

if you can get your hands on an SiS chipset or a Via chipset now thats great else you can wait for an nf3-250 chipset that should be here shortly or a Via k8t800pro chipset...
whatever floats your boat m8 :D

and apparently don't take that much init :cool:

Alright, so i have been approached to build a system that can boot in under 40 seconds for a local business. Price is not an issue. I have been looking at the p4 exteme with 2 gigs of pc3200 dual channel ddr, and most importantly sata raid running western digital raptor 10,000 rpm 74.5 gb hd's. my question is, by going to a 64 bit platform, am i going to increase in boot up (i ask cause that was the only thing, has to cold boot in less than 40 seconds).
Second, does windoze have a 64 bit operating system that is good for more than just one year? He is a die hard windows guy. If not, will a 32 bit os work?
I really want to suceed on this as i stand to make a lot of money.
my system boots from cold to useable d'top in around 15-20 seconds... but I do tweak things to turn off most of m$'s 'optimizations' :D

the a64's are fast.. the p4 EE's are fast... either will work fine

windows won't have a 64bit win version till later this year..

for your system just turn off a lot of the windows eye' candy crap (keep in mind I still have styleXP and objectdock booting up with my d'top) and keep the prefetch folder clean :)

20 second boots will not be an issue... heck even with all the crap you might have running by default your boot should be under 40seconds :)
It seems the new msi k8t800 pro will come out within the next month or so, Will it be one board to support all chips i.e 754 939 and 940?
or different boards for different chips?
looks very good in reviews :)
I imagine it will only do the one (mentally blocking out that my chipset is almost redundant so don't know which).. as it would need three different cpu slots

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