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Ok i'll wait a while more then...but i could be just waiting forever...hmm :confused: Keep us posted on these mobos that are coming out please sazar :)
still can't wait :cool:
well you could purchase one now and then just upgrade the mobo by itself in a month or so... lose a little cash there... or just wait :)

couple of options...

I'll keep you lads posted as best as I can...
Sazar said:
I started it with the intention of answering FAQ's and providing some on-the-fly tech support for people who HAVE or INTEND to get the processors and mobo's...
I fully think this thread is important, and would have started it myself if I thought to do it, good heads up sazaar

allready, great points are made to stear people towards the 64, and some away...this thread will get more and more popular as more people upgrade.

also, I'll be stopping in to read whenever I see a new post, so as to be ready for my upgrade when I get one

I had a p4 3.0c perris... whats your advice for me... ?
my opinion is that anyone getting a new computer should not even concider 32.

it just doesn't make any sense to me to buy a 32 chip now, when this 64 does not suffer performance over what's available in 32

on the other hand, if a person is only going to upgrade for the purpose of having this chip, your money will be better served to wait until you need a new chip, as the prices of these will go down by then, and the performance will go up.

I need a new laptop, and I will not concider anything that is 32 ever again.
All easy to install even for novices who want to try it like me? What about thermal grease and that??
the a64's are the same to install as other socketed cpu's... only with the new LGA processors will there be a difference...

thermal grease.. same as before...

coolers... get one for a64's... only due to the differnet socket and the way it is held in place..

heat is not a big issue... the 3400+ runs cooler than my p4 3.0c...
sazar! obviously you have got your pc sorted for the year, but have you got that mobo with the intention of upgrading your processor or will you have to upgrade mobo also??
amd plans to upgrade the sckt 754 lineup through at least the 4000+ model...

as of right now the mobo I have has all the bells and whistles I need or want... when pci-express is established I will consider a motherboard option @ that time if it is required...

my system as of right now has sufficient legs to run pretty much everything thrown @ it with the best of them...

I may want to go the sckt 939 route and when I do its a switch for both cpu/mobo but I don't have any such plans @ this time...
When is the 939 skt due to be launched then? I suppose that would push the price of the 3400+ down a bit eh? Thanks for your advice and info sazar :D
What kind of temps are you seeing under idle/full load and what kind of power requirements are there comparitivly?
temps raise into the lower-40's on full load (ie when I am playing far cry which really stresses the system out)

considering that due to raising temps my system idels @ around 35c thats acceptable :)

my cpu temp is almost exactly my case temp @ the moment... its higher when the case temp is lower but for now its not bad..

power draw is apparently not an issue but I do have a 400w antec psu... I am more worried about the draw by the video card than the psu...
sazar, really digging this processor?

I'm jealous

do you think there is anything at all lost compared to the fastest intle chip available?

is it clockable?
I don't think it has lost anything compared to the fastest intel processors... hypertransport is better than hyperthreading @ least in the current iteration wrt speed...

clocking wise I haven't really tried much but I did click the fsb from 200 to 214 and due to the on-die memory controller the performance scales far better than with cpu's that have a memory controller integrated in the northbridge...

however consider there are no agp/pci locks therefore I didn't want to leave it @ that... performance is fast enough as is and I generally use CnQ anyways...
Yup, I am gonna lie and says it loads faster than my 3000+ but I am so jetlagged I can't tell.
Come on IRC so I can ask you annoying questions about it.
Hi. Windows XP 64Bit. Seen a video (toms hardware guide) with a Athlon64 running it, XP64 seemed to bootup incredibly fast. However is it really that different under the bonet, I read it's just mainly for CAD designers or 3D intensive apps (3d modeling etc).

I think it's just another way for m$ to make more money and sell another OS. I hope it's the same price of XP Pro!

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