AMD 64 and Motherboard suggestion.

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Well I am gonna say the ASUS A8V deluxe with either the 3000+ or any other the 3000+ for the money is great really is , I have the 3500+ and its a monster bang for the buck take the 3000+ unless you dont mind spending a few extra bucks


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I would also opt for Asus. I have two Asus Amd64 boards and they are rock solid.

A8V Deluxe and the SLI Deluxe


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thinking about getting the fx55 after summer or if somethign comes out better than that what are your thoughts guys


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just saw your link, yeah i wouldnt get chaintech, two reasons for that, i never hear of caintech being as reliable as asus or msi, as well as the chipset, i've used via for a long time, just dont like it doesnt feel as solid as the nforce chipsets and also i would think the performance is much better on an nforce than a via as well as compatability


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Good to hear the support for ASUS. I have the P5GD2 Deluxe and will stick with ASUS when I get my 64 processor. Not sure if I'm going AMD for the first time. Pretty scary but sure makes allot of sense now. It might be quite awhile before Intel can catch up to them now. I've seen low end prices for AMD 64's at $150 going to to $700-800. Wow!

Here some links on some AMD 64's I found if anyone is interested. Some good deals it looks like. I did see some Intel Xeon w/ EMT64 and they were $290 and above. Ouch!
(Sorry I couldnt get a TigerDirect link right now-running protowall)
PCImicr 754 pin
PCImicr 939 pin


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I actually have in my box rite now an Asus A8V Deluxe with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8GHz Winchester core)

It's a great board. Everything on it is simple, the AI BIOS on it is easy to tweak. Now mind you this is a 939 socket board. And the overclocking is relatively simple to play with. Plus you can also set it (overclocking) to automatic, by persentage... 10% 20% 30%. Kinda cool really. I got my 3000+ (1.8GHz normal) goin at 2 GHz ATM. But I pretty much tweaked everything. Temp stays at 44C - 46C with the AMD heatsink and fan that came in the box with it. Under full load temp is about 48C.
I have the 3500+ and MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 54g at the moment.

I'm looking into the DFI SLI-DR board for PCI-Express though in the enxt month or two with a 6800GT close behind.


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MSI Neo2 Plat if you're thinking of sticking to AGP graphics, otherwise MSI Neo4 Plat if you want PCI-e graphics.

I kept changing my mind about which of the two I wanted because I needed the new machine I'm building at the end of this month to last (hopefully) 4-5years before even thinking about going through another upgrade. :p
Right now I have the rig in my setup (Except I'm testing out a 6800GT instead of the X800OC'd.

I would strongly suggest on saving some money and overclocking by getting one of the new Venice cores (Rev. E) I suggest overclocking though. The Rev.E's are outstanding overclockers. I've seen 2.8-2.9ghz with stock heatsink and fan.

Aside from that, the boards I'd suggest either the DFI Lanparty, or an MSI K8N Neo2/4 series board. Outstanding boards they are. ASUS is making some nice boards. It all depends on what kind of graphics you want for later on of course also.
Ive got the msi neo 2 and the 3200 venice

im currently running it at 2600 with stock heat sink and sure there is more left in it as well :) defiantely recomend them


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From all reports the Asus A8v is slightly better than the Abit AV8 that I have,
but it doesnt have the Uguru type of clock to monitor the settings.
Am running 400Gb over 4 hard drives with 2Gb dual memory and 3500 Winchester, 550 w PSU.
Runs @33 Centigrade on 5% overclock.


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Well I be runnin this now (I kinda did an upgrade on CPU)

Using the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 to cool it all down. Today with the heat up in the Bay Area (Frisco) it runs 46c at idle 34c on the MoBo. Normally it runs at 42c CPU and 29/31c MoBo. With some apps running and doing some music conversions and CD burning CPU runs at 44/45c MoBo runs 33/34c (on a normal day).

And I am running on an Asus A8V Deluxe board. BIOS 1011.005
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