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AMD 2400XP running at 63c WTF?


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Ok last night my processor temp went way up to 63c, as in a previous post, its usually only about 52c. i've changed nothing, fan is still running at 3400rpm as usual, i built the comp 6 months ago. so the stock paste should still be fine right?

Any suggestions on why the temp may have suddenly jumped?


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is this the barton or the thoroughbred?the stock will do but puting some better stuff on would be better,is the room temp high?that would make it rise alot


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its a thoroughbred as only the 2400 is, also the room temp everything is normal, like i said the processor usually runs at 52c, for 6 months, and then last night it jumped to 63c, nothing else has changed.


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WTF :eek: I already posted all over this topic!

Also see my thread about thermal issues - I got a surprise jump after two weeks... so IMHO it is entirely possible your paste is in need of attention after six months...

BTW did you move or jar the case to in any way upset the bond? I hope I am remembering right and you ARE indeed the dood I recommended Zalman and Gigabyte coolers too....

Final thought - if you are the same guy (I think memory serves me!) then you mentioned something about "no clips" :eek: you haven't attached a cooler with JUST the paste have you? Because if that is right then that could WELL explain all - and you need to get to grips with your clips ;)


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no i have adjusted my clips and i do have a heatsink still, sorry is this thread the same, must be going crazy!! :(

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