Amd 2400xp 52c


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is this too hot i have the original AMD fan that came with it, put on the guey stuff where its supposes to go, it usually starts off at 44c then about 2hrs later its about 50c and if its on all day it gets to 52c, just wondering if this is too hot, got two fans running in the case plus psu fan and vents in the case as well, its never crashed or anything, but it does seem high to me.

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Just came from a forum where someone had the same cpu running at 2.4ghz. Temperature was 58C. He wasn't concerned....but was happy with his overclocking.


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Acceptable level, but hotter than I would expect.

-What is the room temp and the MB temp?
-Does the case have front inlet and rear exhaust fans?

BTW the stock fans suck, but they are essentitally free.


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the internal case is usually about 34c and its a tight fitting case i have only one fan at the back taking air out, thought i had another pushing air in. the roon temp is usually 72c, i'm in florida by the way.
Well, that is pretty warm for a 2400+. You might want to try reseating your heatsink on the CPU with some better Thermal Paste like AS5. And maybe a better heatsink and fan overall. Your Internal Case temperatures are pretty normal, so that basically indicates your Heatsink and CPU fan aren't performing well.


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well last night my cpu went up to 62c, and i change the fsb for the processor to 100mhz and it went down to 55c still far above what i usually have, i think i'm gonna buy a good fan whats the quiestest most cooling fan around.


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this is what you want....

here it is trust me on this - I just ordered one!

Comes with fan-mate controller and paste too - believe me this will sort oyu out and be whisper quiet. Don't worry about taking the AlCu variation - the all copper one is a tad heavy! I know plenty of reports with fan speeds down in the 1,000 rpm range, which is plenty quiet, and they still get nice low temps!

Gimme the rep. points when you find it is truly what you want- if you like ;)


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welll i have a 1800xp and its running 49 and thats idle even, in an aircondition room. well in australia during summer time, i reached 75 and that was with the case open. well it does get humid there. anyways i am now running at a cool 49 with one of the zalman fans, the 6000Cu to be exact. but just like mainframe guy said its a tad heavy but very cool, plus all u get is just a gentle wisper...ill get it if i was u...=)


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thanks for that but two points, i can't get it because i don't have mountable brackets in my mobo and second i don't want to put a heatsink together too lazy, i just want something i cant pop in and its quiet and very good at cooling


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lancer said:
... i don't have mountable brackets in my mobo and second i don't want to put a heatsink together...
Errrr not sure I get you - this is pretty standard! The heatsink comes preassembled - you only have to add the brackets with a couple of bolts because they supply various brackets for the different socket types.... You will be doing a little fussing with removal and re-application of paste anyway, so not sure how lazy you want to get!

But watch this space - I think I still have what you need! ;) :rolleyes:


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my last word on this (I hope!)

OK you like it spoon fed and simple - then try this (it has a few virtues - esp. if you plan to overclock AND overvolt, because it SHOULD cool surroundings somewhat in operation also) Plus the fan is kinda buried in the heatsink to make it potentially quiet....

As for your lack of mounting clips - I actually checked your Mobo - it is standard socket A (462) - and that will mean it does indeed have clips (they have to to clamp down the heatsink, even the stock one). I guess you got confused with the AMD64 backplate option ont he Zalman? I would still go with my first choice if I were you for quietness at least - but this is my second so take your pick! :rolleyes:


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the Zalman is almost certainly a good $10 cheaper - not sure of costs stateside, but pretty certain Google can be your friend... (why not use Mozilla and then highlight right click is your BESt friend!) :p

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