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AM2Gamer rig scrapped for Killer Intel C2D


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Couple months ago I posted my dream AM2 gaming rig I had planned to buy but AMD dropped the line of chips I was hoping to buy so I dropped AMD and held on until now for the Intel Core 2 Duo instead.

I am so glad I did. :yowch:

Parts I have so far...

1. MOTHERBOARD: Asus P5W DH Deluxe

Even though all the parts haven't been shipped yet, (impatiently awaiting visits from UPS every day I wake up) yesterday I did receive my Asus mobo. :) What a sweet board. For those of u in Canada, i got it from PCCana...(u know the rest) and it was shipped with 0701 BIOS so the Conroe chip WILL POST, no flashing required. I'm so happy.

2. PC CASE: NZXT Lexa Classic

I also have my uber-sweet pc case which I just can't say enough good things about this good-looking, very quiet pc case.

Ordered, but not yet received:

3. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz/1066FSB/4MB cache

4. RAM: 2GB, Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO


I realize the mobo is setup for ATI Xfire but I opted for a single top-end Nvidia card vs having 2 x NOISY ATI X1900XT buzzing about.

6. PSU: Enermax Liberty 620W modular

7. Optical Drives: DVD+/-RW PLEXTOR PX-755SA/SW 16/6 SATA BOX BK
8. HDD: 500GB WD5000KS/SATA2/16MB

Will update this when all the parts are in the pot and cooked to perfection (not literally I hope).


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that case is awesome... good setup, although to be honest i could buy a mobo that is setup for nvidia, if you are going to use nvidia parts.


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So how much did the cpu cost you? Still looks like its going to be a nice system
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Nice setup :) Good on you for listening to sound suggestions bout the Core 2's :D

Word of advice bout the corsair PRO memory, if you get an after-market cooler, ensure that it has sufficient clearance over teh mem.

I had to relocate my memory and even then it BARELY has any separation from my zalman cooler :(

Post some before and after benches.

Also, ATi should be releasing their 1950 cards soon and they should be quieter based on all the info I have heard. Unfortunately we don't have one in our demo lab :(

Prices might drop when it comes out, but that's a ways away.


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Saz is right, the new ATI X1950 series card will be out in September and offers better cooling over the X1900. I've also heard it will be faster than current NVIDIA offerings. I would personally wait and look at that.


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bought my E6600 cpu from buy.com a week back for 350 shipped with 2 day shipping but now just waiting on a worthy motherboard to come out. A decently featured Nforce 570 might be the way I'm going but right now the only on available is an asus board...not saying I don't like asus but want more options. Also want to see what the price of the not top of the line 590 boards will be.

have other parts picked but nothing finalized besides the mushkin 550W PSU from newegg I found.

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