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Am I Going Blind?


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My monitor has suddenly taken on a nice blur to it. No matter what I try I cannot fix it. I am running XP with a geForce2 mx400 and I have never had this problem, But I'm starting to get headaches from looking at the screen. PLEASE HELP, before I'm forced to buy glasses.

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Welcome Jodyjo4. :)

Have you tried uninstalling firstly the video card then the monitor in the device manager?

Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/Display Adapters. Find the monitor in the same place.

Expand it then right click your video card & uninstall. Reboot. Windows will then load it again. You may need the video card driver depending on your operating system.

Do the same with the monitor.

If it fixes it, good. If not then as mentioned the monitor is probably on the way out.

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