Alternative to Yahoo Messanger?

Someone told me there is a alternative to Yahoo Messanger , if so what is it called and where can I get it?

Is it true it stops bots from spamming you etc while using yahoo messanger?

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Well what I was talking about is somethign that does the same thing as Yahoo Messenger but with more settings and things disabled.

A example would be Kazza Lite being the better version of kazza by removing the banners, spware etc.

Someone told me there is something similar for Yahoo Messenger that disables the bots from messaging your nick name and spaming you with porn URLS.

If anyone here knows what its called and where I can download this please let me know , I greatly appreciate it.


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like he said, trillian, miranda, and gaim. Their multiprotocal chat clients, including yahoo, and don't have spyware or banners or any of that garbage.