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alternative to winrar

Dark Atheist

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I know i can use 7zip to replace zip and rar but is there a freeware program that can make rar files? i know there is a open source version for linux/unix is there one for windows?

I need to be able to make split rar volumes - zip is an option, but would prefer rar as it compresses better or does 7zip compress better still ?


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according to 7zip.org, the 7zip format compresses better than RAR

but!.. i know a few months ago i used to lobby for it :p
but i found that its so much slower than winrar for both compressing and decompressing, even using the x64 version (against the 32 bit winrar)
it also seems to crash more (not too often, but i almost never had a crash with winrar)
soo.. idk, maybe u were right in the first place and its better to stick to winrar

Dark Atheist

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im giving 4.65 7zip a go which says its supposed to have a few bugs and such corrected, what i would like to see is a x64 winrar then you would have a true comparison

American Zombie

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I don't think it can create them but can split them according to this page.

That app seems pretty plain compared to Winrar.

Winrar is actually a good deal if you consider you get a lifetime license and free upgrades for the price.
so it will create split rars and such? and that others can unrar and such without issue
Is "Create Multi-Volume Set" the same? If so then yes.

Oh and I've mentioned several times (usually to the Win fan boys) that I have a Windows box also. ;)

Dark Atheist

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dont let you lord and master steve mobbs now that - he will kick up out the apple club! :D , thing is though AZ i cant afford a 3 pc licence and would it be right to use it on 3 pcs :p

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