Alternative to Google?


BR to Some
19 Apr 2002
Anybody know a GOOD search engine other than Google? Its getting pretty useless now becaue no matter what i search for it just links you to some price comparison page or shops.

And anyone tried looking for a review of something - sheesh...

Anyhoo - any ideas?
Sponsored links are at the top. Search for "Item name review" and you'll find what you're after.

All other search engines either feed off Yahoo! / MSN / Google or are just useless.
The name doesn't rolls of the tongue like google though!
NLM said:
What about yahoo :confused: Thats the one I always use.

Look at the very bottom of the page....

"Search Technology provided by Google"
Though now Yahoo is going to ditch Google's technology in favor of their own.
o_87 said:
Though now Yahoo is going to ditch Google's technology in favor of their own.
Wasn't that supposed to happen a loooooooooong time ago? Or are they just taking their time about it?
it was posted not long ago ;) the change over is very soon i think.
No thats still going ahead - i *think* i saw an article about that the other day in theInquirer.

Thanks for all the alternative suggestions as well, i realise that the sponsored links are at the top, but it sucks because unless i want to buy something then its useless.

For example, i was looking for some new drivers for my Joytech/, PS2 USB controller adapter, and the stuff that it was bringing up was just wrong so im moving on. It more than just that one thing, just a growing feeling of dissatisfaction with Google and the amount of Sponsored links they have these days (no i dont want to price compare a joypad thank you very much). The should be kept to the side on the right and not included in the main search.

Thanks guys.

BTW - First impressions looks pretty good AND it defaults to searches in the English language only as well - ta thebear

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