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Alternate versions of the new Adobe Reader v9

I don't usually post about new software, but thought I would make sure everyone is aware of some alternate versions of the newly released Adobe Reader v9.

1. Created by vmanda and posted in the RyanVM forum is:

SVCPACK With Acrobat Reader 9.0 English - For SFX Installer just extract AcroRdr9.exe from cab archive.
Size:31,1 MB (32.648.182 bytes)

- Disk cost ~ 109 MB
- Removed "Adobe Reader Speed Launcher" from starting at windows start
- Removed link from Desktop
- Removed Accept EULA
- Tested as SFX Installer
This can be added to a Windows installation disc or you can extract the installer from the cab file with WinRAR.

2. There is also another similar installer created by Kels and posted about here:

Size - 32.2 megs MD5Hash = E3649E8AC6BB2FC0DBD4437CCC0E6B12

Speedlaunch startup entry has been disabled and it does not create a desktop shortcut...
3. RogueSpear's version at http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/...=8&t=127&sid=3956c9050681b6d7cdc338f919f959ad. Regular and svcpack install versions.

Installs To: Default
Shortcut: Programs\Accessories
Last Updated: 20080707
Notes: The following modifications have been made:
  • Removed the desktop shortcut.
  • Removed the speed launch run entry.
  • Removed the Adobe Update Manager and the Updater plug-in.
  • Removed all of the various Microsoft C/C++ runtimes.
  • The EULA is already agreed to.
  • The internet connection speed setting is set at 512Kbps rather than 56Kbps.
  • The enhanced security option is enabled. Adobe recommends that this setting remain enabled, yet it's disabled after a default install.
Note that you must register on his forum to access the downloads.

4. Shark007 makes Adobe Reader v9.0 Lite:

I removed autorun and desktop shortcuts.
I converted the startmenu shortcut to non-advertised.
I removed several features and plugins that the average user has no need for. (Lite version)
I removed Beyond Adobe and Lic. Agreement popups.
I removed all (auto)update® features.

Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite INFORMATION

English Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite @MajorGeeks

Rapidshare URL's
English Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite
German Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite
French Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite
Japanese Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

Other mirrors on PRIVATE SERVERS are available within this thread (near the end), if you want em, you find em.
5. I am aware of Adobe Reader Speedup and I had used that a few years ago when it was new, but it hasn't been updated in sometime so I don't know if it's compatible with v9, plus it has to be run post-install.

The changelog for it says
v1.36 - 9th December, 2006.
- Added: Auto-detection for v8 of Reader/Acrobat. Should be OK until v11.
But I don't know if he was actually able to future-proof his program. I don't know how you could do that 100%.
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Good addition, thanks. I haven't used any of these new versions yet, but I plan on using #1 on my next Windows installation (I've got two computers sitting here waiting on me). Switchless, silent and with some things removed I would've removed myself. IMHO, a must for repeat installations.

Post # 1 edited: Added update about RogueSpear's version.


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I ended up loading one of the lite versions - wasn't crazy about the fact how it is labeled as "lite" in my Control Panel.

Odd though - I tried to check for updates and it didn't seem to do anything. I have to check back home and see if it works now but, even if it's disabled, should work if I do it manually, no? I know it wouldn't find any, but it's not even checking unless it only shows me a prompt if there are some.
That's one of the reasons I plan on using alternate version #1, because some of the others (or maybe all - too lazy to look :) ) said they removed the update function. Do you know which one you tried?

I also wouldn't like the fact that it's renamed in the Control Panel or elsewhere.

I still haven't tried #1 yet.


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Wow, I clearly didn't read :)

I tried the lite version from Major Geeks. At least I know I'm not going crazy :p

Why would they do such a thing?
Evidently there's a demand for that, but it seems stupid to me. Some updates are important. I believe I read in one of the links that it wasn't possible to turn off the automatic update feature without removing it for the purposes of these light versions (except by installing the normal version and manually turning it off).

Shark should remove the "(auto)" in the post information where he says that he removed (auto)update, since obviously he removed the whole update feature. It's hard to interpret without trying it as you did whether he had left the manual update feature.


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Definitely possible - just do the install, and then do a pause, then remove the value from the registry :)

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