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Alternate PDC Slate Login Screen

Something you folks have to take a look at. I have never used the Windows XP Welcome Screen until now. Always had the classic 2k style logon enabled...until I saw this login screen:

It's a modified version of the Longhorn Slate screen, and it just looks so sec-seh, yet professional. Loving it so far.

Check it out here
Screenshot included on that page.


I may actually be insane.
Well this one doesn't.... maybe.... just maybe.... because it's not the real one :eek: shocking I know, but also true.
Hmm...unfortunately, it's kinda buggy. :(
Didn't notice it at first, but the when you shutdown/restart etc. you just get a blank logout screen without any text.

Guess I'm back to the 2k style until a fixed release.

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