ALT+S shortcut in frontpage

On the forums, you can use the ALT+S shortcut to submit a message, can this be implemented in the frontpage as well? I am quite used to this shortcut. Thanks :D
No, because you have to move your arm from the keyboard to your mouse, move it over to the button and click it. I am used to ALT+S, so it's annoying when it's not working :p


I don't need to move my arm from the keyboard, I type with my right fingers and click with my left index finger.

Just don't understand why you have to hit ALT+S!
Because the little voices in my head tell me to :p I type with both sets of fingers, so when I am done typing I have to move my right arm 5 inches to the mouse, grab it, move it into position and move my indexfinger down to click.
Cool, I just found out while making a test form to test this out that if you click on an image loaded with <input type="image">, you get the X and Y coords of where you clicked. This is what I always wanted, cool :D


I may actually be insane.
Doesn't work, there's already an accesskey on the "Standard mode" option. If that was changed to a different letter, it should work ok.


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, when posting a comment there's an option for standard or enhanced.

Basically when clicking bold, link, italic etc, one gives the input box, the other dumps an open tag into the text area.

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