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almost have Radeon 8500 working....Direct 3d and red lines :-(



Believe it or not this is actually quite a bit of progress....grrr

I am running windows XP with a Radeon 64MB DDR, AMD 2000+ and a Gigabyte motherboard with the latests bios yada yada yada. I have tried numerous upon numerous drivers, updated to directx 9, messed with the AGP and fast write settings (which make no difference), tried underclocking (no diference) and raised the Vcore voltage (helped qutie a bit it appears). I try to run Warcraft III or 3dMarks 2001, and the screen flickers every few seconds and also most of the graphics on screen turn back and forth between there regular colors or red. In 3dMarks 2001, the whole screen is a tint of red and then my system crashes after the first test. I also have the Large Cache file or whatever disabled. Please Please Please any help?!?!?!?!? This card is driving me nuts!!

btw...OpenGL games such as Quake 3 run flawlessly and very beautifully...help!!

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