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Almost fried computer last night



i almost fried my computer last night. i gotta protect against condensation, lol

heres what i did

i took apart my koolance case and stuck the radiator inside a 1.7cubic foot mini fridge. but i didnt stop there, i placed it in the mini freezer part and then covered it with ice cubed and it froze into one solid block of ice. my comp was running @ 7C cording to thermal probes but i failed to notice the condensation. it dripped onto vid card and i lost video in middle of worknig on comp last night. wouldnt boot up after that. geez i thought i lost the computer, goddamn condensation.





basically water is forming around the outside of the tubes and dripping into the comp


bigger hose with foam... also i have gone to the auto parts store and gotten some electric water proffing spray.... works well so even if you get a wee bit of water wont hurt devices!!
Nitrogen will only make it worse. Besides it's a bit over the top cooling a desktop computer if you ask me. They easiest way I guess is to make the tubes hotter than say 15C on the outside. If you get it colder (below 5C or so) you will get condensation.

Or make sure all tubes point down out of the case (a bit bit hard perhaps).

You could also try blowing air through the case, which will prevent some condensing at least. (Totally defying the point with silent water cooling but anyway...)


hardware monkey
i would insulate the tubes with some kind of foam wrap-around and get a silent fan or two to move air through the case.

just curious, but how would larger tubes keep water from condensing? they'll be the same temperature... if anything, more water would be able to collect on them. please explain?


hmmm... did I have a post deleted?!?

I would once agin recomend checking out the thread I mentioned before It'll cover that,,, very long but very good...

A better plan would be to get a large container place it in the fridge and put the freezer plate directly in the coolant... But that will decrease the temp of the coolant and cause more condensation...

As for condensation,,, you need to cover the lines in pipe insulation... you'll also need to insulate the WB,,, Neoprene to cover the back of the board,,, Silicone in the CPU socket with more neoprene,,, neoprene around the outside of the socket,,, dielectric grease in the cpu socket (to insulate the pins),,, Conformal coating on the front and back of the board along with the back of tha AGP card,,, better fill the AGP slot with grease also...

OR you can try to build a pin warmer to fit the front face of the cpu,,, That will control the cold to only the core...

Also think of getting a peltier and cold plate,,, if properly picked you can get your cpu to ambient and not have to worry about drippy lines,,, since the water will not be below ambient,,, and you won't have to worry about insulating the board...


what about using anit-freeze/coolant ? would that be possible to use?:)

also isnt it blacklight reactive?:)

juss wondering
Originally posted by taurus
just curious, but how would larger tubes keep water from condensing? they'll be the same temperature... if anything, more water would be able to collect on them. please explain?
You are quite right. Larger tubes would worsen things.

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