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Almost back (working on 12th WinXP installation attempt)



Hey guys, I wam ALMOST back ... :D Here's what's going on with my brand new rig and my fully legal copy of WinXP Pro OEM.

Having had 11 installation attempts fail, I have refined the install procedure quite a bit:

1. Underclock CPU and memory (to avoid any heat issues) to 100MHz (2.53Ghz P4 becomes 1.9GHz)

2. Enable onboard audio and USB controller

3. Unplug LAN cable

4. Delete ALL existing partitions, install WinXP (making sure there is only one partition on my 80GB HDD) :rolleyes:

5. Assuming installation is succesful (it has failed three times at 9 minutes remaining - I didn't count those times in my 11 failed install count, maybe I should have?) Change MAC address for NIC, connect to internet, register Windows.

6. Reboot.

7 or 9? Install 30.82 Detonators (have a GF4 4200 on loan from father in law)

8. Reboot. Is everything OK? If yes: Reboot. If no: see step 1.

9 or 7? Install Windows Update update, lol - Is everything OK? If yes: Reboot. If no: see step 1.

10. Disable onboard audio and all USB

11. Install WinXP SP1

12. Say a f*ckin prayer. :D

13. Reboot. Is everything OK? If yes: Reboot. If no: see step 1.

14. Re-enable USB. Is everything OK? If yes: reboot. If no: see step 1.

15. Re-enable onboard audio

16. Install AC97 drivers. Is everything OK? If yes: Reboot. If no: see step 1.

17. Reboot. Increase FSB to 133 (standard speed)

18. Complete.

I should mention that this method did work for me (one time) but I jacked it up by hacking a dll ... lol, live and learn.

Anyway, assuming everything goes well with any of the probably fifteen attempts I have time for during the next three days, I should be back online and in the forums by this weekend!



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Well I would say good luck mavis as I thinkyour goin to need it. You most have something strange going on in that system as I've never had that much trouble installing XP or I've been very lucky


thanks for the support guys! I followed my instructions here :) and everything is running PERFECTLY!

Talk about a major headache. lol

Give me a week or two to get all my proggies installed, but it looks like ... I'm back!! :D


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