Allow PS3 + XBOX 360 on same HD TV


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Hey all,

I Currently own an xbox360 which is attatched to a 37" HD TV. I'm planning on purchasing a Playstation 3 in a few weeks for metal gear solid 4 and some other exclusive PS3 titles. However i dont want the hassle of changing cables everytime i want to use one console or the other. Is there a simple adapter that lets me switch between the two?

Also if that is not feasable i have a 22" widescreen HDMI monitor connected to my PC. 1? would the ps3 work with that at high resolution and in HD and 2) is there a cable to easily switch between the two there aswell.

Lastly does the PS3 have built in wireless?

Thank you.



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From the Monitor i have a HDMI to DVI converter. My 8800 ultra doesnt have a HDMI port. Would this work with the switch?


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Actually if my tv supports HDMI which i think it does that shud work instead of using my monitor.

Just incase though is there any others? My 360 uses the RBGY system on the back of the TV, is there a converter switch for that?


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dunno if i'd be getting my hopes up about MGS4. i mean yeah.... supposedly Metal Gear Solid is a fun game to play (never played any of the games myself).... but anything with 90-minute cutscenes is a definite pass in my book.


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Im not sure the PS3 comes with the actual HDMI cable does it? n tbf i like the fact theres a 90 minute cutscene...especially if its the end. Snake deserves a good send off in my opinnion. lol


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uuh..... "cutscene"..... 99% of the time isn't considered something at the end..... hence the word "cut" being a key part of it. And it might not even be only one 90 minute cutscene for all we know. All i know is sitting there watching a non- or minimal-interactive cutscene for an hour and a half is freakin crazy..... and not in the good way.


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Well i guess it's a matter of opinnion. But anyway back to the point of the cables and switches. I cant find a decent RBGY switch through google. Someone surely has such a device?


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The ps3 doesn't come with a HDMI cable you will have to buy that seprate. Does your TV have an HDMI port? If it does then you should be able to keep the 360 hooked up the way it is and use the HDMI port for the PS3 and use your TV's input button to switch between the two. Thats what I do at least. I think all the PS3s are wireless now, but I am not 100% sure.
My 360 uses the RBGY system on the back of the TV, is there a converter switch for that?
I take it you mean it uses component. Component is analogue and although there are converters from analogue hd to HDMI though they are pricey.
I actually own a device that does this as well as upscales any input (Onkyo 875) but its pricey at about £1000 but it also does TrueHD surround :)

Do you want your pc to go into your tv? If not then you can just plug the ps3 in directly with hdmi if your tv supports it and you then dont need a switch.

BTW the ps3 does not come with a hdmi cable.


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Found 2 HDMI Ports on on the TV and 360 is using component so it shouldnt be a problem then. I'll just buy a HDMI Cable. Thanks for your help

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